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/// Outlines: brown and pink crayon 
/// Medium: TRIA-Pantone Marker, pastel chalk 
/// Paper type: colorlaserprint (very smooth); 80g/m2 
/// Size: 19 x 19 cm 
/// Time: 6 h 
Artist Description
Viviane /// Outlines: brown and pink crayon /// Medium: TRIA-Pantone Marker, pastel chalk /// Paper type: colorlaserprint (very smooth); 80g/m2 /// Size: 19 x 19 cm /// Time: 6 h -------------------
ukkie 2007-06-09 14:31:31 wow,so pretty o_0 all those details! Really awesome pic ^____^ her legs seem a little too small though..
Def Character 2007-06-09 16:32:52 Amzing as ever Viv b^^d My daughter totaly loved it to ^^
Kimiko 2007-06-10 04:31:20 O wow , so beautiful!! ^-^
Viviane 2007-06-10 06:02:37 Thank you for your nice words!^.^ I love to colour with pastel chalk, but the scanner can't properly transfer it to a digital image. The original looks much smoother (not so grainy). @ Def Character: it's just great if parents and children equally like mangas.^^ My parents love them too and it really means a lot to me!^__^
Kaizu 2007-06-12 20:10:57 awesome, really nice job ^^
stardust64 2007-06-26 00:00:30 ooh it kind of looks like Chii from the manga Chobits??
pencil no jutsu 2007-06-28 11:12:38 very kawaii <3
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its the doll sketch  but in color  ^^ i used layers and it dident go rong yay XD
this is my first mermaid. i screwed up on the fins... hehehe but YOU cant see them.  :)
s cry ed
After having read the comments on the original Space girl color version, I decided to do surgery on her ^_^ This is the 'corrected' line art version of Space Girl .. I kinda like it without the color ^_^ I hope you guys agree .. The head may still be a bit too big though ..
Just something I've been wanting to do with my character Erei from Biology. I'm pleased with the end result of a night's work. Erei and Biology is © 2006 Tabitha "Tabikat" Vocque

p.s the pose was refernced from an art collection book because I wanted to make her have a shy pose, but i did alter a lot from the original.
line-art colloured with pencil and marker.
this is ment for a website.

Aikuza said that Orlando was unoriginal and that only girls would comment, so what about Amy Lee? Something for the boys and not so very often done I think. Anyway, I've made this one for my boyfriend, he was a big Evanessence (they have split up) fan, for our 6 months aniversary. Is it good enough?
The cover from my first manga: Revoria: Forging of a killer...
Headshot of my old Gaia avi, Pandora.

(My gallery shows older work on the first page and new art on the last pages..Is there a way to change this?)
Hey, Just dropping some cool sketches. This is for a schoolproject. They're character designs for a game we're making. Didnt know what to upload, but someone will enjoy this artwork XD. I cant explain the game, cause the gameplay is too complicated but fun to be understood in this page. Let yall know when its done. This is the final version I think, and its about to be modeled. Time for some sleep -__-
how come anything i draw never fits into a catigory... anyway, its not often that the computer makes my pics look crapy, but this time it did!! the skin looks fine in real life, but for some reason it looks like crap on here!!  i treid to make evrything a little unproportional but the one and got a little tooo big... anywho, i did this with pan and pencilcrayons!!
Some other sketch i made. But im bad with faces.
This is KBP2. He 's a Kazahana cyborg.