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Ok heres a smaller version, sorry bout that ^^;
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Story and Art by: Sha :D Ok heres a smaller version, sorry bout that ^^;
ukkie 2007-06-08 06:54:56 Overall it looks pretty cool, nice details, I think you did a very good job on the chains ^_^ Only the girl on the bottom, her expression's a little weird, somehow...
1-MM-1 2007-06-08 17:38:08 i agree wit Ukkie
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Random art was a sunny day today (unlike yesterday=snow) I was in the mood to draw something happy...

Its been a while since I uploaded some art so I thought I'll show you a thing I'm working on. The lineart is done, now all I need is to color it!!

This is the first of a series I'm going to make. Its about girls with signs, if you think about a few fun ones let me know...
Yep she is bare bottomd:p

I was fiddeling with my markers again:p...i'm happy with the results of my sexy littl kitty girl^^

hopefully you think the same:p
Little info needed here. @ work, we have this big muffer for the floors. Doesn't go that fast, but it's fun as hell cruising around with it ^^ Anyways, the thing is called a Taski, and the reason why I made this is becuz my collegues wrecked the it last week ||_|| About 2 hours, pretty proud of it too ^^
kheine, if you are out would be wonderful to hear your opinion^^

Jippie, the first time that I colored with my computer, ^-^ (I used Paint.Net.) BUt there's one problem: I don't know how to make shadows! :(, anyway I hope it's not too bad, hihi ^-^
title page of first chapter of my first manga graphic novel, already published and on Amazon.
mhm just all in Photoshop :p
nothing with a pen and paper XD.
wa.. I take just.. more then 24h XD.. 

:p Gohan and Trunks..
But you know.. this are 2real person just draw like Gohan and trunks:p.. You can see it a little on the face^^.
The sketch of Mirai, inked en colored. Took me a while, but it wass worth it (^.^)
What'ya think? I know that her hips are a bit small (a huge bit :s)
lm-ments page 24
Feyru running from... something XD She;s not so sure either.
I like to draw Kenji xD
he is so cool haha