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Sketching in the bus on my way to work 6^^
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Def Character Sketching in the bus on my way to work 6^^
killerkun 2007-05-29 16:24:20 -i said it looks like Felix. Cute drawings DefC :D
Wicked_Lady 2007-05-30 09:28:11 I can see you drew the first one on the bus ^_^ The second one looks nice :)
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finally something in my style again. Hand-drawn. Computer messed around with the colors. Comments and Critizms would be nice
no. VI
The shirt reads 'I love seppuku'.
last air bender
i have been out for a while
i see we have some new kickass
hope u all like it i think i still have the old one in stock somewhere .
ok every one be cool
A bit of character design. I like the fact that the lineart is pretty neat and I like her 'natural' proportions (not too skinny or too long legs, a normal, voluptuous woman). I don't like her face andthe hair is a bit weird. Tell me what you guys think.
at last monster hunter freedom 2 has reached the states and with that i shall retire my rank of thunder god, my g rank kirin armor, devil slicer, chrome death razor, sith of menace and war stamper... why the eternal schizims of all weapons in this pic? cause i soloed both ashen lao shen lung and mura balken with em. why kirin armor? 57 kirin in total have fallen by my blade... now my new target is aurura borialis... it shall fall, i will have shinyier electric armor, the children will smile and ill have an armor update pic to draw... it has been fortold!
made for my friend, Shere, i hope she likes it
i will use that as my sign
I was bored so I draw this next to my computer (Oo oO)I think it came out better than I've expected it to be
and never will be finished =[
i scanned this and did some more contrast, but ill upload a PHOTO later, so. what do you think?

ps, im sorry thats its not really manga but, i hope you like it tho.

x Rianca
I was tierd of trying to make good humans, so i did test doing dragons, and this is my first.
sorry pikachu...