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I know his head is WAY to big, but I like it. Have fun :D
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Kryptonite I know his head is WAY to big, but I like it. Have fun :D
Dustin C. 2007-05-29 08:58:03 actually, his head looks fine, very good! however his arms are placed and proportioned wrong. ^_^
Kryptonite 2007-05-29 09:02:40 As, I see. Thanks for the help :D
Wicked_Lady 2007-05-29 10:47:57 I agree with Def, nothing wrong with his head ^_^ In fact, I think I actually like the head the most :P
Def Character 2007-05-29 13:26:30 Huh what did I say 6^^ But I agree the head is the best part and everuthing below the neck to small ^^
Kryptonite 2007-05-29 14:14:07 Imma delete it. Cuz it looks shitty :D
Wicked_Lady 2007-05-30 09:30:52 Oops, I meant dustin. (The name's in blue and usually that you, Def. Sorry >.<)
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Random art
My very first picture that was drawn on large size paper (11 X 17 Inches). This picture is actually drawn for...... ^^;; Public Speaking class. I'd got to speech about teaching something, so I thought I can speech about how to draw anime character. So I drew this pic out for example, but in the end, I was so nervous that I didn't have the courage to show it to everyone  ^^;;;
made by my brother (10)
Ed is a character that lives in my head. He gets out from time to time. I hope you like him.
 I haven't posted in so long before I forgot my Login to manga Work shop. How Stupid of me x-x;
Drew this while i was camping a few years back.  it's a big rough but i dig it
dark arts
this is my best drawing. It was hard but it turned out great :p enjoy the crappy show :P
i don't know how i came on the idea of drawing this one but i kinda like it. Hope you'll like it too
:D :D
^^;; Experimenting with photoshop 7.0 I colored this in less than 2 hours, coz school lab will kick me out if I stay too long >_< Pretty satisfied with this.... Though I feel it's too overdone?? -- Inked by Pilot G-tech.
The Host Club raising money for Children in need, Hikaru and Kaoru are giving free make overs for girls in foster homes.
uchiha sasuke. sorry for the lame pose
inspired by harajuku fashion and my love of shopping :)