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Quick 11 minutes sketch I made of my girl. Colored it within an hour. So fast work, that still looks kinds nice.
Need to upload more and more. waaaaaa :3
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AIKUZA Quick 11 minutes sketch I made of my girl. Colored it within an hour. So fast work, that still looks kinds nice. Need to upload more and more. waaaaaa :3
Def Character 2007-05-25 07:08:51 Go for it Aikuza ^^
Kheine 2007-05-25 08:25:16 so thats pops girl... meaning is ma mama :P Keep uploading pops!!!
killerkun 2007-05-25 21:33:33 lucky you
Kimiko 2007-05-26 05:45:06 She looks great ^-^
AIKUZA 2007-05-29 18:50:21 Thanks guys for liking it. I dont have so much time to do fullcolored finished art again, but Im glad yu appreciate it.
AIKUZA 2007-05-29 19:08:50 Oyeah, yor mama Kheine, it's possible :>. Wanna see some new stuff of yu too son.
Kaizu 2007-06-03 21:20:21 Hey Aikuza havent seen you in a while (not that ive been very active here) i see you still havent lost your style, i like how you left those sketchy lines there. Ive made a new drawing aswell a few days ago, it's on my profile, the guy with the mask in his hands.
Kaizu 2007-06-03 21:22:33 (about the drawing, second one my colored section) that remark about not losing your style was ment in a positive way btw ;D it looked a bit weird when i just read it.
AIKUZA 2007-06-05 08:38:54 its okay dude, thanks! saw your art. nice!
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Random art
Character sheet thing for one of my characters.

Fk yeah bald chicks.
soory i wasn't there anymore..i got deleted for not showing up long long time!! well i can help the fact i have a life! but my drawing spirit came back to me finaly and made me draw this for u's my new beloved being saved by me from his old life enjoy
March 7, 2007.
It's me! Me as fox version (love, love foxes) with little wings.
Art (c) Serafina<br>
Character (c) Serafina
A sexy Alice and a sexy Cheshire Cat. Enjoy if you wish.
Colored it while i was bored :P the black looks ugly on photo but its much beteer in the original
Hey, Just dropping some cool sketches. This is for a schoolproject. They're character designs for a game we're making. Didnt know what to upload, but someone will enjoy this artwork XD. I cant explain the game, cause the gameplay is too complicated but fun to be understood in this page. Let yall know when its done. This is the final version I think, and its about to be modeled. Time for some sleep -__-
nothing new  hinata and naruto
I nearly gave up on this pic, but then I just decided to sketch the rest in pen real quick, then scan it in and see what i could do with it in photoshop.  Suprizingly it turned out somewhat decent.  It's just a sketchy kinda style is all.
Some more doodle from me *sorry* -_-'' and yes, before you ask, that zombie IS wearing a tutu.
I decided to try a more cell-shady style in this one =] hope you liek it. it was quick but i didn't keep track of time ^^ lol
This is the sketch i did for the nurse i uploaded recently
evil villan or something...;D
a draw little gaara