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whew. it has been a long time. what can i say, i was lazy!
now the next page of DRAW!, it's a double-page layout this time!
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Dustin C. whew. it has been a long time. what can i say, i was lazy!
now the next page of DRAW!, it's a double-page layout this time!
Def Character 2007-05-23 17:08:21 Most excellent dude 6^^
gene 2007-05-23 17:42:57 haha! great style^^ it's really entertaining =D
killerkun 2007-05-23 18:00:01 you can see the pain on it's eyes, excellent d^.^b
Kheine 2007-05-25 08:19:24 Hhahha very cool action! Really like those pics! Very cool action !
ukkie 2007-05-25 14:47:13 woooooh killer shark! it looks really cool ^___^ only his hands are a little "blockly" though (btw, cool avatar, is that a self portrait? :P)
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in a field underneath butterflies do you dream of a beautiful change?
They're a bunch of Assassins who want to kill all Kazahana family members.
AAahh!! School has already started, what a nightmare!! o.0 , here's a drawing that I colored with water colored pencils, first time!! ^^ But I changed the eyes with painter and I used the tool fairy dust. So I named this drawing: 'Meisje met paraplu en sterretjes' XD briljante naam tog XD
had the misfortune of drawing this at the backside of a scratch paper... scanner scanned right through ^^
2 furres ( cat girls ) 
VALENTINE CONTEST: Inuyasha and Kagome finally profess their love for one another, in the form of a Valentine's Day teddy-bear.
My idea. Sketched out traditionally  Lined/colored with photoshop. Roughly 8 consecutive hours of work. e.e I'm SO glad I got to finish it. I'm really proud of how it turned out. :)
Cibernetic Character made for a school subject about Art in Electronic Media. really I have nothing to say about it, it's just a homework
dont get the wrong idea!! they twins!!
An exaggerated comic style sketch of my OC, Ichirou. Everything out of proportion was done on purpose in an attempt to make it look more cartoon-y.
Smaller size, nothing special about it, doesn't look all that great.
Not much of a blood, but I thought I'd put the warning anyway. Anyways, I was told to draw a girl butchering someone  with knife. I kinda forgot the subject.
winged girl.
WHO remembers yugioh??