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Not finished yet ^-^
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Kimiko Not finished yet ^-^
gene 2007-05-23 14:20:51 really nice sketch! :) I wonder how it would be to meet this club of characters :) made them up yourself?^^ I'm curious about the colored-version of it *^^*
killerkun 2007-05-24 02:17:22 OMGosh those are cute, i totally dig zharasha's hair!
Def Character 2007-05-24 02:56:50 Woah it looks realy good ^^
Kimiko 2007-05-24 12:54:12 Thanx!! ^0^ The characters are made them up by my friend 'Arasha' and me
Kimiko 2007-05-24 12:59:37 I mean 'made up', sorry (0.o), I won't color it because I'm too lazy, haha lol (+.+')
AAA-LAZEX-disign 2007-05-24 15:55:48 Nice bunch of manga! :) please grow further ;)
ukkie 2007-05-25 14:50:36 really cool pic, nice design too. The only thing is that they all have this "sweet smile" on their faces, maybe if you gave them more different expressions, you can show their different characters more. Know what I mean? anyway, keep it up ^^
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Random art
Happy Halloween
Posting the colors that I did for my line art.  Still getting back into the swing of things, but not too shabby if I do say so myself ;).
she came from space!
a Lunar girl ^^ yay! 
she's head char of another comic im making ( yes im atm making 2 comics xD ) well she wont be having much to do with the moon tough.. ^-^'
An older picture, picturing one of my friends and her friend as superheroes/magical girls of some kind.
changed up the main char. a little dont know if ill keep it that way though
I like this one very much her name is bubble and that's all the is to tell about her ^^
This is how I would like to see Ryu in Street Fighter 4!
IT'S UPDATED. the coloring gives it more depth. Alhtough if I was designing this character again, I got rid of the shortpants. -___-. I'll leave him like this.
A sketch im doing, but i wanted to pratice doing profile till i get it rite, and here it is. i had to do this 3 times b4 i got to the final version which is being shown, there's the previous sketch i did: &
charater named denzegar. not quite how i wanted him to come out due to blatant errors in muscle structure but still better then my old craptacular version of him previously posted a long time ago. i drew him to look like his female alterego. (i think def figured that out already)

im doing an amazing amount of writing as of lately and before this years end i want to post a chapter or two of frozen but after i figure out how to integrate screentones in a astheticly pleasing way with my artwork
Koruss Character Sheet
just a random sketch of a girl that just woke up... 
i realize her hands are too small O_O