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I left my pencil alone for 5 minutes.. and this came out :P
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AAA-LAZEX-disign I left my pencil alone for 5 minutes.. and this came out :P
ukkie 2007-05-21 15:04:15 that's one freaky pencil then :P cool pic though ^__^
killerkun 2007-05-21 15:59:49 wowzors
Def Character 2007-05-22 02:48:16 Humanlike godzilla ^^
Wicked_Lady 2007-05-22 09:21:15 Creepy O.o Nice sketch, Pencil :)
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Random art
Line art practise... 6^^
Def Character
Elf sketch I did at... four in the morning (or maybe five... Can't remember).
After over 2 years of planning I actually sat myself down and drew it. The first page of my manga Seven Stars Of The Apocalypse. I'm very happy. Yes, the tree was a pain. Hopefully there's more to come.
pwee the scanner screwed my beaytiful colors up but I'm soo proud of this  one (it still looks a lot better in reality tough)  c&c please
Some other sketch i made. But im bad with faces.
Henshin a go-go, baby!
Birthday present for a friend. Yes it will be colored. Yes I worked my butt off on it. Critique if you want, but i don't plan on fixing it.

Hey (^^) I'm JJ and still learning how to draw :P. I'm the lil bro of Kinjima and a friend of Hayate.
This Character Is Hikorta
ehhhhhh........ I was bored
>.>...It's Sabel from Dragon Knights. All I'm gonna say is his surfboard is whacked, the background is whacked, and there's lots and lots of green >_> S'what I get for not drawing let alone CGing for nearly over a year >____>;; Oh and this thing was a lot bigger >.>; But of course that meant the size was bigger too xD; Like 8 times the max xD; Oh well~
well people merry christmass and a happy new year ^^  (card me not be totaly in the christmas spirit, but a well that just my humor ^^) .... ow and sorry for the weak coloring i needed to finnish it on time :P
Random digital artwork done by me :D
Haha not finished yet obviously, but I'll post the finished one as soon as I get around to it. ^^ 
But for now, enjoy. :D