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The girl next door ^^
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AAA-LAZEX-disign The girl next door ^^
Def Character 2007-05-19 11:36:34 Fo real 6^^ has she seen it?
Wicked_Lady 2007-05-19 16:59:12 Those pants are nice, like yuna said :) I like the smoke of the cigarette ^_^
Kaizu 2007-05-20 16:29:12 Nice, she's going to fall over the way she stands though ;) Start out with some basic lines and shapes to have an idea of what the pose of your character will eventually look like, and if it looks natural. Then start outlining the body shape and draw the clothes on top of it. Just a tip ;)
Satanic_Darkness 2007-05-21 18:04:28 hehehee thrashy^^ hehe The legs could have been a bit more straight or you could have given her a sexier pose:p her ass seems to come out far to much XD less is more ^__^ Keep it up^^
gene 2007-05-26 04:22:54 too bad she smokes :( nice work ;)
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Random art
^-^ gaara from naruto.. you can see i can't color draws.
Yay, first art here XD

This idea came to me when he said that line in the movie :P but don't get me wrong; I'm still affraid of that guy X3
Hmm.. this is a difficult pic to explain... In a way, this nameless dbz character looks like me, although I didn't intend it to do so. Anyways, this is my first dbz-like character in color ^_^
Done with old school fountain dip pens and black ink, scanned and edited with Manga Studio for the screentones.
zodiac leo
Hey guys. Been awhile ^^ This picture is a gift for my friend, Chisa. She has been staying with us for a few months and is going back to Japan tomorrow. This picture is of her World of Warcraft character. What do you guys think?
well this i made for our employ magazine at work just for fun :)... it sepossed to be like a queen elf that gives birth to a new child of hers. ^^

I'm kinda proud of this sketch. I cleaned it more than usually and I like the concept. The most difficult parts where the hand and the umbrella strangely enough. I will colour this one in the future ^^. I used reference for some parts ><

Visit me at:
This here is Ragnaros, one of the final bosses in World of Warcraft. I turned this in for a fan art contest Blizzard had in relation to their upcoming convention
The Raging Spaniard
Hey guys. This is a sketch I'm working on of my friend's World of Warcraft character. I plan on inking, coloring, the whole shebang. What do you guys think?
Emma, Daniel and Rupert, aka Hermione, Harry and Ron. It took be about 8 hours to mae this. Especially Rupert's face was hard to do. He always tends to have an expression of 'something nasty has just crawled up my pants', but I think I've done ok. Before you say it: Yes Harry's glasses are askew, they are that way in the picture too. It's the scene from movie 3 with the Hippogrif
I just got my tablet and 50% of the pic is made by the tablet... i was just fooling around with photoshop i drawed my old my old self tihihi ^^
I made this on holliday when i was realy bored, i always use alot colors....cuz that's make me happy.
Well i like this pic. i hope you like it too.....and if youre thinking that some things are not good please give me some suggestions^^
I know that the hands are not good...
WEll i know that the hands are not good....^^