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The girl next door ^^
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AAA-LAZEX-disign The girl next door ^^
Def Character 2007-05-19 11:36:34 Fo real 6^^ has she seen it?
Wicked_Lady 2007-05-19 16:59:12 Those pants are nice, like yuna said :) I like the smoke of the cigarette ^_^
Kaizu 2007-05-20 16:29:12 Nice, she's going to fall over the way she stands though ;) Start out with some basic lines and shapes to have an idea of what the pose of your character will eventually look like, and if it looks natural. Then start outlining the body shape and draw the clothes on top of it. Just a tip ;)
Satanic_Darkness 2007-05-21 18:04:28 hehehee thrashy^^ hehe The legs could have been a bit more straight or you could have given her a sexier pose:p her ass seems to come out far to much XD less is more ^__^ Keep it up^^
gene 2007-05-26 04:22:54 too bad she smokes :( nice work ;)
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Random art
Poster Animecon V of Finland
/// Outlines: black fineliner 'COPIC - Multi Liner' 0,05 mm 
/// Medium: Copic Ciao, coloured pencils 
/// Background: CG (Picture Publisher) 
/// Paper type: Lasercopy satined (Neusiedler); 160g/m2
/// Size: A3 (29,7 x 42 cm) 
/// Time: 16,5 h 
thought I'd colour one of the characters I drew ^^
After all the work and examining, i finally figure what's wrong with the sketch. i 4got to consider that the neck does not and will never turn that far back >_< totally mess up, but it did look nice overall to me =)
ahahaha just for fun...also older and inspired by the movie castle in the sky
Very old.  this is what i used to do instead of paying attention in class...
a new made character with evil fish.....hehehehe....her name is Lili.....
Pg 23 from chapt 10 of AOY
still my some of my drawings, eens sports..
hahayzz this brought me some dis appointments -_-
I'm back.
lol happy x-mas to all of you!^_^ it haves bean a long time mws hope you like it
pencil no jutsu

- DOODLE BURST - Before everybody gets crazy of me uploading all my doodles, I decided to put everything in one file XD I - is a girl resting while in P.E. class. II - is Demon Shin form 2! III & IV - boxers ( I screwed up the faces here >< ) VI - ( I see I forgot V XD ) is a cute little girl. VII - holy girl reaching for the skies? VIII - warrior girl with huge cape XD. IX - my gf reaching for the skies. X - my gf in elven form ( because I really think she looks like an elf XD ) XI - a random girl pointng at a fly?
S is for Silas: butterflies are pretty ^_____^

originally posted at - enjoy! <3
evil lizard