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/// Outlines: black Rotring Rapidograph 0.10 mm 
/// Medium: computercoloration (program: Mikrografx Picture Publisher) 
/// Time: 4 h 
Artist Description
Viviane /// Outlines: black Rotring Rapidograph 0.10 mm /// Medium: computercoloration (program: Mikrografx Picture Publisher) /// Time: 4 h ------------------
Kimiko 2007-05-12 14:56:18 Awww, so cute!!!
Def Character 2007-05-12 15:02:22 Hey its the one from your own galleria right ^^
Lozz 2007-05-12 16:18:44 Heh, she's so sweet :D
noname 2007-05-13 20:07:57 sooo cute ^^
Viviane 2007-05-14 08:14:04 Thanks for your sweeeeet comments!!!*cheer*~^.^~
Shinfate 2007-05-14 16:32:37 I have seen this piece on your website too =D she is so cute! and your art looks so clean!
undefined 2007-05-14 16:56:01 CUTE~~~~ XD
aki 2008-02-22 09:13:55 she look so energetic and very very kawaii ^^
Mad-Ichi X3 2012-01-14 03:17:43 Cute<3 >w< Great work. ^^
Viviane 2012-01-14 11:08:32 Thank you for the lovely compliments!!!!
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Random art
My very first oekaki, and my first tablt tryout. lol

Hope it brings you joy.
12 zodiac
yey! yami^^ the demon from mamoru tenshi. I thought that using purple would give it a good effect. gomen nasai for the hands and feet ^^'
I made this one just jet
You pour the stuffing into the bowl, nice and ready. 
You feel a gentle pinch on your shoulder. Phoenix had walked up behind you. 
He reaches over your shoulder and picks up the bowl from you. "Don't be so tense. Relax." 
He smiles. "It's Christmas." 
He takes the bowl, walking over to the table, where Trucy had gone to set the turkey.
I'd jumped at the pinch, my lip curling as I blinked up at him bashfully. "O-oh aheh, yeah, aheheh..." @/////////@;;; I scratched behind my ear, fumbling quietly through drawers to find silverware and help set the table. heeeeeeeeeee tooooouched meeeeeeee~~~~

Enef is my FAVOURITE GAME EVER. it always plays out the best scenarios. tee hee >w<

if you're confused...
Enef is a roleplay game I play... I have a few characters and now and then i log on as one of them and play around.
tonight i was playing as Summer Fallmanm, my Phoenix Wright character... She/I was helping Trucy prepare Xmas dinner...

This said, I say it again. It's not finished, just a quick doodle to get a general idea of what's it going to be someday. C&C required!!! Kinda want some advice on how to shade, what colors to use and most important, how to get a smooth, clean line in Photoshop. So ehm... yeah, I'm asking for help ^_^
How do you like this one?
I think she's pretty ^ ^
The Haystack Murders continue. (I should have called this the Halloween Special really ^^)
Hello MWS, it's been a while, hasn't it? 
Anyway, this drawing probably isn't a big deal, but I love it anyway.
(There should be a self portrait category, since that's what this is.)
Rather generic (and badly drawn) Garrett. Woo

hah, interesting story on this one actually.  Anyone read Misfile?  Admittedly, it was inspired by it ;^^  For those who don't know, one of the characters has the misfortune of being turned from a boy into a girl.  Somehow, I actually had the thought "I wonder what I'd look like if I was a guy?"  I guess this is the image that came to mind xD  bah, it still needs a background though =P  I never can come up with them xP
Hey MWS... Remember me...? ^^;; Well, I decided to drop by and post something I worked on a little while ago. It's more Fire Emblem fanart, this time of my favorite couple Lyn x Hector. It's not finished yet, because Hector is missing his hand on Lyn's shoulder... but I hope you guys like it anyway. It's just a simple sketch and when I get the opportunity, I'll probably work it into Photoshop. C&Cs are always welcome. And congrats Adam on getting Galatea published!
Wacom and Photoshop cs3

20 min sketch
1h30 coloring