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A chibi me XD
Artist Description
Lozz A chibi me XD
killerkun 2007-05-02 17:02:39 i cannot think of anything but "Awwww"
Def Character 2007-05-02 17:19:57 Aww Lozz asleep on her drawingtable 6^^
Shinfate 2007-05-03 07:06:21 yeah cute XD
Kimiko 2007-05-03 13:16:25 hihi very cute!! ^-^
Nagashiwa 2007-05-03 19:24:24 waaaaaa that one is cuttteeeeee!!!
Kheine 2007-05-05 07:23:18 supah kewt!
ukkie 2007-05-05 08:56:03 *agrees with everyone else* ^^
edragon 2007-05-08 23:41:20 lol. . . wait how can you draw with nubby hands like that?
AILEEN 2008-10-16 10:20:16 a chibi self-portrait! what a cute idea. I wish I can make one of myself! waaaah...
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Random art
ahhh, another picture of Kuon *huggles RahXephon*  doon't ask where this came from because I honestly don't know =/  I was gonna draw either Kamina or Mishima trying to hold her back, but... it never happened, so she just can't reach it on her own fault ;^^  hehe, reach, kuon, reach! You've almost got it! xD
main character Rin from my manga Frozen
and here is another shot of kaiju
some angel or something...3 or 4 years old
Coloring in progress for first sketch I uploaded.  This was done back in April 2006... and then I just kinda abandoned it <_<; (scanned lineart, color in photoshop)
i have been working on this character for a while and i think i got it done prety good 

please leave comments telling me what you think of it
She haunts the corridors of the terminal wing at the hospital she died in.

She can't be in peace cause she is not done with her last missions on earth.

She remains n the hospital to appear to the gravely ill and comforts their last day's on earth.

((she remains vage cause she is a spirit^^ don on purpose))

I hope you like it!!

Hey everyone!It's been a while since I last uploaded but I've been so busy with school, even my manga's been neglected but here's my main character! Yuuka!
Again a very large drawing of mine... 70x50 it's the original size and it took me some weeks to finish it... but I like it very much this time. I also wrote a poem, only in germn, but if somebody understand:

Ein Blick in deine Augen
zeigt mir Sicherheit, Liebe und Vertrauen,
ein Glücksgefühl durchströmt meinen Körper
und zeigt mir, dass ich dir vollkommen vertrauen kann, blind deinen grünen Augen folgen kann, 
ohne verraten oder missbraucht zu werden.

Das tiefe Grün zieht mich magisch in deinen Bann,
du, unwissend über das was du mit mir tust, lächelst nur, hälst mich fest und gibst mir Schutz.
Zu gerne verliere ich mich in deinen Armen und lass mich von deinem strahlenden Grün gefangen nehmen.
George Hamilton's character Bunny Wigglesworth from the cult classic Zorro the Gay Blade.
its not really lineart, but its not color either :\

this is my angel character; Thalassa (she loses her memory and is then called Sarai, but her real name is thalassa.)
This is Diana. Hopefully you'll see it colored soon!
Well, I drew it at a picnic for my brother's school ... and decided to color it.  Really just a five-minute sketch and a 10-minute color, but its cute, yah?
Sooooo sleepy, too many late nights *yawn* -_-'