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Semi-realistic Kirin?! xD
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Cyn Semi-realistic Kirin?! xD
Def Character 2007-04-30 15:25:19 One crit though the outlines seem to stand out as if a tiny white line follows it. Do you use an vector orientated program for the outlines? Thumbs up for the whol pic. I like it, realy ^^
Zeph 2007-05-01 00:42:18 i dont like the little white outline either. and a little more shading wouldnt hurt. but i like it
Cyn 2007-05-01 07:49:06 You know, I didn't really know what to do with that. I started the linework on a separate layer and used the magic wand selector to select the area I wanted to color on the base layer, but maybe I should expand the selection a pixel or two so the color can continue all the way to the black. ^^
Def Character 2007-05-01 09:17:54 Yeah that could work. As long as the outlines are free in an upper layer and you colour in a lower one. Oh I also noticed that het lower right arm (our left pov) has an odd curve in it
Cyn 2007-05-02 01:34:05 Yeah ^^; That was the pen tool. I need to be more careful with it haha
Kimiko 2007-05-03 13:18:33 Love the eyes!! ^-^
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