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Semi-realistic Kirin?! xD
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Cyn Semi-realistic Kirin?! xD
Def Character 2007-04-30 15:25:19 One crit though the outlines seem to stand out as if a tiny white line follows it. Do you use an vector orientated program for the outlines? Thumbs up for the whol pic. I like it, realy ^^
Zeph 2007-05-01 00:42:18 i dont like the little white outline either. and a little more shading wouldnt hurt. but i like it
Cyn 2007-05-01 07:49:06 You know, I didn't really know what to do with that. I started the linework on a separate layer and used the magic wand selector to select the area I wanted to color on the base layer, but maybe I should expand the selection a pixel or two so the color can continue all the way to the black. ^^
Def Character 2007-05-01 09:17:54 Yeah that could work. As long as the outlines are free in an upper layer and you colour in a lower one. Oh I also noticed that het lower right arm (our left pov) has an odd curve in it
Cyn 2007-05-02 01:34:05 Yeah ^^; That was the pen tool. I need to be more careful with it haha
Kimiko 2007-05-03 13:18:33 Love the eyes!! ^-^
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Random art
well.. my plan for this is a comic cover but..whatever
I'v draw it with a tablet ^^
and I'v collored it^^ I like it but I know not much people like this XD haha
For a small image (A6-A7), this looks pretty good ^^; I drew this during class for Yanz (Opalmfire in MWN) Style must have been influenced by Desty ^^; Inked by Pilot G-tech.
Pixelart gift for a friend. MSPaint.
...B&C 2#
Manga Art
Coming Home... is this artworks title. To understand, what it means, I have to tell a little story: 

It's been at least more than 100 years, since Aycol?n left his home town Nights End. Now, when Lysander became something like the ruler of the town and build it again, the boy came back to the city, that has been destroyed by Kyle more than 100 years ago. The only thing, that survived Kyles attack has been the main house on top of a quite hill. When Aycol?n and Lysander came back, they meet each other in the big hall of the old and peasefull house.


Wah, my english is really bad... hope you'll understand it a little bit. Well the pic is about the time, they meet each other in the hall, and of course this one is only for Lysander (she also take it ^^'), she also chose the title. Well, I hope you'll like it... I'm happy about comments.
"serial experiments lain" dont try to understand this pic if you havnt seen the show....  pencil crayon and india ink
A detailed sketch of Eden/Saint Vanity - A female character which will be used in my latest manga. (HB pencil)
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i already posted this one befor,but i chanced some things and wanted to show it again:)
I wanted to create a masakazu katsura like drawing.(its not a copy,but i am a big fan of his detaild work)
This artwork is about one year old. :)
I used black and green ink and colored pencils on off white card stock.
A quick pencil doodle because I'm too lazy to ink anything, uhuh uhuh (=w=)"