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My chibi of my manga character Kirin ^^
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Cyn My chibi of my manga character Kirin ^^
Def Character 2007-04-30 15:14:22 Kawaii ^^
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Random art
Some dude that is giving you "the look".
This is just some fast pen doodle :3.
Yah the stripes drive me crazy too.

Hmmm... they remind me of candy, why is that -_-'
Its a navi from the movie 'Avatar'
Cover art for my amateur manga entitled "Antero Chronicles"
Lotsa oekaki skethes ^_^

Btw check my 2 latest animations!    --------------><-----------

I know the hand is too big.
but.. I like that^^
*whistles*  white honestly, this took all of, mm, mebbe 15 minutes (to color).  ^^  It was going to take longer..I was gonna do all the shading and smudging I usually do, but I was playing around with transparency effects, and lo and behold, this showed up on the screen oO  I didn't have the heart not to save it, so here it is ^^  I may go back and color her again, the way I had meant to today, but for now we get to look at this nifty thang ;D hehe
Yeah.. just messing around. Not much to say really. Let me know what you think ^^
craptacular xD  I did this in about an hour, all in canvas.  There's actually a somewhat long complicated story behind this, but let's suffice it so say that a sunflower-rose hybrid bears some symbolism to me ^^  thus, I drew one, and here it is xD
More practice on folds. Woo this is getting fun ^^
Yoo^^  i'v made this one at school today I hope you like this one^^
this is my latest work. i wanted to go for a graffiti look, and this is what came up, DJ Skittle! i especially like the color scheme i used too.
Dustin C.
Hey guys long time no drawing
wel heres one for ya got a problem with finding a scanner so hi name is acnor and he shoots plasma beams well upload yal later
This is a girl I found on the video of the song rocketeer XD