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Arasha 2007-04-29 09:26:18 The anotomy isn't right, I see now... (apologies for my bad English ^.^)
Def Character 2007-04-29 09:57:03 Aside from the arms-anatomy it looks great b^_^d Keep it up!
Kimiko 2007-04-29 11:40:38 Ach wa maakt da anatomy tog uit (oki een beetje mr jah) das Taru tog?? 0.o, hij ziet er heel kawaii uit ^0^!! See U 2morrow!! ^^
Kimiko 2007-05-19 17:33:12 Foutje, tis Akito tog, nou moet ik hem ook gaan tekene ... 0.O ^-^
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Random art
Made it for my websitres layout =)
i think it turned out good =] school project...we're reading the Odyssey and drawing a greek god was a project option b^^ i hope i get an A xD comments are goood >_<
another alela pic. im working on fighting poses for her.
Manga Art
Here is the second version.. hope u ppl like it better than the last 1. Although there are not many adjustments..
I felt guilty for the other bunnydrawing, so I bunnied myself too! xD I'm just gonna bunny everybody that talks to me tonight... lucky friends, it's 3am xD
I'm aware of the fact that I already uploaded this once, but since it has to be read
with the next gag (This one is really only the title) I just took the liberty in doing so.
Another birthday pic. ^^ This one's for my good friend Yohtan.
Warning: cross-dressing bishonen!
Inspired by Martin Gore of Depache Mode and Yohtan's fondness for putting pretty boys in dresses and corsets! ^_~
I used a lightbox with this pic, can you tell? ^_~
just sketchinnn'
Figure sketching turned monster with awesome claws.
DO NOT BUTTONBASH!!! I did this one about 4 weeks ago, but I was too lazy to scan it. It was a sketch, but I made it cleaner line-art and coloured it properly, to look better. Well, the full resolution looks better than this. Somehow, it looks unfinished to me. But I'm uploading it anyway, to see what you guys think. Hope you will like it ^^
a wolf hehe yea im practiceing animals 
i used referance to min woo hyungs wrk here (like u cant tell) i think it looks to evil , meep 
need to draw more animals bye bye
thats the orginal photo
carla maria
aaron is a hottie! XP