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character concept 'Kimiko' ^^
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Kimiko character concept 'Kimiko' ^^
Def Character 2007-04-28 09:56:37 Heh good solution b^_^d
ukkie 2007-04-28 17:08:14 she's really pretty ^_^ Good job on the tiger too. I think her legs should be lower though, they should lean more on the tiger's back. If she'd really sit like this, she'd fall backwards I think ^_~
Kimiko 2007-04-29 04:49:39 you're right, thanx ^^
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Random art
It's crap and you know it ;)
This is Jo's agnry faic. >:C

Uh, little random study-hall induced crackdoodles. Blame my friend. These were actually on the opposite sides of the paper, but yay photoshop.
Did this last night as practice to get accustomed to using my tablet again (been so long since the last time I used it for drawing). 

I don't take credit for the design of this one, though. The original design was made by a person on a different forum that I frequent. I just redrew it in my style as part of an "art pimping" project going on.

Mediums used: Painter 8, Photoshop CS (touch-ups only), and my Wacom Graphire4.

Time taken: 40 minutes (not used to drawing stuff in Painter, so it took longer to complete than usual)
I'v been up-loading so much lately (sorry about that, my bad), I'll try to let my other works filter out of the main gallery before I load anymore ^_^
Merry Christmas for year 2007
Deedlit // Record of Lodoss War
/// Outlines: black Indian ink & stenography quill tip
/// Medium: computergrafic (program: Mikrografx Picture Publisher) 
/// Background: gouache and computereffect (program: Mikrografx Picture Publisher) 
one again^^
test 1
test 2
test 3
a random girl i sketched. :D
comic sketch
this is aother picture form the black buttler i love drawing dresses so this was a good fit for me though it took forever
Manga Art
Hi me again, this is my latest drawing. ^-^ Please enjoy!!! ^0^