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here's another Illustrator artworky, I'm really beginning to get the hang of it =D I even created a temporary logo =) 

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Shinfate here's another Illustrator artworky, I'm really beginning to get the hang of it =D I even created a temporary logo =) *edited*
ukkie 2007-04-21 11:49:38 this one looks better than the previous one I think ^_^ the upper legs are too long compared to the lower part though, and I think her eye can use more shading(but that's just my opinion ^^). The logo looks pretty cool, but isn't it a bit...girly? XD
Shinfate 2007-04-21 18:34:15 yea your right about the legs, and about the eye, they "where" detailed o.O but I see it went wrong with exporting T_T yeah and about the logo :) it's temporarely, I like elves, and so I made an elf XD and I wanted it to look dreamy ^^
ukkie 2007-04-22 14:22:27 Yeah, ok, I get what you mean. The logo does look dreamy ^^ It's just that I'd associate it with a girl to be honest, not with a buff guy who can lift 15 kg. at least 30 times with one arm... ^_~ Too bad of the eye btw
Shinfate 2007-04-23 10:01:55 hey who are you talking about? XD anyway, I will upload the correct version tonight =)
Def Character 2007-04-24 02:37:26 Hmm *waits for the correct version...*
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