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I made it a really long time ago (june 2005) i never added it because i think its stupid -.-
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Rianca I made it a really long time ago (june 2005) i never added it because i think its stupid -.-
Rianca 2007-04-15 15:34:38 and it is -.-'
Shinfate 2007-04-15 17:01:02 ga weg man, hij is hartstikke lief ^3^
Def Character 2007-04-16 09:15:24 Whats with all the dutch comments 6^^
Def Character 2007-04-18 05:02:16 Oh it's nice though
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Random art
a ninja girl i will colour it later :P
pencil no jutsu
Warrior :D
this sketch was based on Inu-Yasha ... but i did some changes
This was also just supposed to be a sketch of one of my characters but since I had already colored Ellie I couldn't leave Natasha out! Now that I drew this character the girl I based her looks on wants to outfit I drew on her character double!I feel like there's irony in that somehow. . .-_;
my magical call girl Aiko!
Its from a short story i made up,about a lonesome boy who gets a phone number from an oldman he helpt to a magical sexline^_^
I'll likely never finish this. Got lazy. It's Alexstrasza's elf form, as seen in WoW.
Little info needed here. @ work, we have this big muffer for the floors. Doesn't go that fast, but it's fun as hell cruising around with it ^^ Anyways, the thing is called a Taski, and the reason why I made this is becuz my collegues wrecked the it last week ||_|| About 2 hours, pretty proud of it too ^^
changed up the main char. a little dont know if ill keep it that way though
Analin no Denkou - CG: Paint Shop Pro - I changed her overall 'width' in this final, so she's less 'wide' than the lineart version. I thought it looked a bit better - dec 2001
Just an old art sketch i did, i kinda like it.
The Wull
lol its cute...........................................
had nothin to do so i thought id start a another picture didnt take me that long though.comments please
photoshop elemets 6.0 trial continued XP just a quick sketch to relieve me from the pain of homework
Old commission, traditionally inked and then coloured with Photoshop. It was just supposed to be the Seraphim but at the end I was asked to do a background and so I threw together the 2nd version. I love the clouds.