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^-^ gaara from naruto.. you can see i can't color draws.
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Rianca ^-^ gaara from naruto.. you can see i can't color draws.
Shinfate 2007-04-15 17:01:42 nou je ziet in ieder geval dat het gaara is XD
Kreta 2007-04-18 20:35:38 Thats awsome! Gaara rules!
Kaiverta 2007-07-18 03:45:51 Blehheheheh. That's adorable. And don't worry. If you want to get better, all you have to do is practice! And maybe look up a few tutorials depending on what you want to know how to draw. ^^; Haw.
Rianca 2008-04-18 06:30:06 he looks fat
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Random art
My roleplay character Sorel Nero.
My Characters, from left, Peter: 16 years old, white, 5'10 he is quiet, works comes form a poor family and live in a trailer, His dad used to abuse him, his mother and little sister. but hes in jail now.>Alissa:16 years old, Italian and Columbian, 5'3, she is loud, spoilt, a party gurl also smart, Is currently dating peter, they are so differnt. Germaine, My main character: 15 Black and Japanese, 5'5 maybe? She is supossed to be gothic but she suck a sweetheart, sarcastic but nice, Is obssesed with D'vonte but won't tell him she likes him eva. She has issues. Her mom is somewhat of a slut, germaine never met her dad. D'vonte: 16 6'0 He is everything, black, puertorican, irish, Cheroke Indian, white..the list goes on. Hes a player, and he also plays every sport. He is concieted, and never notices whats going on. He parents are kinda rich
i sketched it fairly light, sorry

im going to outline it later on. like tomorrow =]

so you'll be able to seeit clearly. 1/27/08
I made this picture a while back, but I just got my Wacom Tablet so I wanted to try it out.... (sorry Raps ) so I colored it!
This picture is censored for our younger viewers...

I stil do feel like its missing something....

*Bows down 2 the tablet*
TABLETS RULE!!! (I colored it in 7 hours)
I just copie a picuter from naruto :p
did this one in the car a while ago (then lost the book). does anyone have tips on ears ? :P

He he, I designed this little fellow as a mascott for my site or whatever (it's not on-line yet). Since I'm really crazy about wolves I wanted a wolf, but it tuned out to be a baby dragon. His name is Ryu, that's Jappanese for dragon. Isn't he adorable?^_^
I messed up his neck DX
i think theyre rly cute ^^
altough it didnt work out as pretty as i hoped.. <=(
just something I did when I finished my exams...
This is the character that represents my close friend.
latest work yet. hope you like it.
This is a Fanart of Daisuke. Finlly got the time to colour it. Comment plze. ^^