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Jo. Thought Gnome. One of my characters with a story that the Internet will hopefully be able to see some day. D:
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Joou Jo. Thought Gnome. One of my characters with a story that the Internet will hopefully be able to see some day. D:
Shinfate 2007-04-13 18:54:50 cool =) if you keep working on him, the internet will definitely be able to see it =D. btw, is it me, or do I see a slight figure of breasts? XD
Def Character 2007-04-14 01:40:04 Fate it propably is a female 6^^
Joou 2007-04-14 18:17:03 It is indeed female. D:
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Random art
bored at school again, but i think i am going to work this out one day
Another drawing of mine that I am in the process of coloring in Photoshop. That version will also be up sooner or later.
My elf draft what do you think
these are my elementals the coloring is not finished yet ^^ but please comment my pic
Manga Art
Well, Hello...this is the first site that I'm gonna post my artworks..and this is the first artwork i posted...ahm, i know that this isn't an anime/manga but please let me start posting in a religious way(mama Mary)..hihihihihi....c&c are alwayz welcome...:)

--by the way, i screwed up her lips--
Outlines: black Rotring Rapidograph 0.10 mm
Medium: computercoloration (program: Mikrografx Picture Publisher)
Size: 99 x 297 mm
Time: 9 h
A crappy wolf tribal picture I made I dont really like it but oh well
My first drawing in my new sketch book. The scanner kinda screwed up the color, but over all not to shabby. I hope you ENJOY @_@
Page 1, Here's a little story i made of a moogle and a chocobo doing pyramid selling :-O
(featuring the tonberry, the goblin and the bomb)
To final fantasy fans, Enjoy ;)
I could have right a long description about this one ...
but I am bored so here is the usual one : "..."
A while ago i've uploaded some sketches of this guy, i quitted working on it after that and today i deceided to start working on it again. To be honest i think this is my best work so far, been messing around with lightning and shades a lot and i like the result. Enjoy. -Kaizu.
Recent art. It's been awhile since a last posted some art.
Hope ya' like it.
breaking free!...