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The sketch of Mirai, inked en colored. Took me a while, but it wass worth it (^.^)
What'ya think? I know that her hips are a bit small (a huge bit :s)
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Mirai The sketch of Mirai, inked en colored. Took me a while, but it wass worth it (^.^) What'ya think? I know that her hips are a bit small (a huge bit :s)
Def Character 2007-04-10 04:49:05 Time well spent two thumbs up from Def ^^
Dustin C. 2007-04-10 07:30:31 really, really great! i love all the intricate details you did ^_^
ukkie 2007-04-10 07:34:57 wow coloring looks great! Too bad of her hips, but oh well. ^____^ Those chains must have been an awful lot of work o_0
versstyle 2007-04-10 07:59:34
versstyle 2007-04-10 08:00:20 i like the belt!
AAA-LAZEX-disign 2007-04-11 11:43:11 supurb coloring ;) make more of those ^^
Zeph 2007-04-12 13:56:27 the coloring looks like you spent a buttload of time on it. nice
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Random art
I fixed it as good as I could. Colour it?
rampage. heavy armed cyborg. for renegade series too. rampage (c) emerson tung.
Really old sketch of Gatha, one of my OCs that belong to a project I'm working on and hope to make a webmanga. Or something. ... This is from back in the day when I still drew in styles that mimicked other artists because I was too dumb to have my own style. :| ... His proportions are way off. 8D I'm mostly just submitting this so I can contribute something other than fanart to this site. :B I'll put up more OC things later.
//Outlines: black pen
//Medium: TRIA Pantone Marker, watercolor
//Background: TRIA Pantone //Marker, watercolor
//Paper type: watercolour; 250g/m2
//Size: DIN A3
sketch for my character from my manga"plague"
Snow White :) I really like her.
=D ANIMATED!!! ^^ wiiiii!!!! . althought i am not very keen on christmas, this is my kind of christmas: summer, hot days and hot nights, one sad looking christmas tree, firework, etc; spending  christmas eve at my grandparents house ... that was a long time ago. sorry about the image size. =3. no snow or big fat santa for me ^-^
Has anyone ever seen Erementar Gerad..?
and here is a colored version of her ^_^ ( I have a feeling I upload too much at a time 0_o )
this is a chibified, plushified and keychainfied drawing of one of my close uni friend. she's very very cute when she says "alu". makes me go crazy each time she does it.
How i started my anime artwork
comment is much appreciated

Client work.

Other paintjobs and visit my website for my portfolio, other work, and how to obtain this kind of work.


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Naruto's daughter from my fanfic on Anime Spiral, it's called Nana Seven Tails are Better Than Nine.
I finally did a full body sketch with my tablet =D This one took me quite some time to acomplish tho =)