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happy Easter!
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versstyle happy Easter!
Lozz 2007-04-08 04:26:39 Happy Easter to you too ^_^
Kimiko 2007-04-08 06:05:48 So cute!! wish you a happy easter 2!! ^0^
Def Character 2007-04-08 07:22:13 HaPPy EaSTeR ^^
Nagashiwa 2007-04-08 07:28:17 happy easter too^_^
AAA-LAZEX-disign 2007-04-08 14:10:49 vrolijk pasen
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Random art
A very old piece of artwork
Result of some boring stuff. Can't remember.
A first attempt at a full page of manga :) Currently colouring it in photoshop!
well,you know ho this y draw this one because i know they are a lot of fan of him...hehehethis one was the game and the i saw it in the gide and there was from were it started....and i make him more biger and tried to make it just like it was and kept it original....hehe...and yes it has no face i whanted you to think what he is feling... well what do you think??? o and thanks nilichan..

Mitsuhide x Ranmaru =)
Psycho Billy's little bro Timmeh. He's so cute!! :O
cleaning this one up to color it possibly later
i don't know....i kinda like it...erhm the hand is not very o.k...
Gaiaonline Commission.
my first completed attempt to color.this is my take on Yamanaka-San's chara sketch.i hope i did it justice.( i've just enrolled for my 3d animation course, right now i'm learning photoshop. wish me luck people!)
it's my Blaziken. critcs welcome
Kaiser -

Past memory in pieces, she manged to escape her Nations fate of death at age 5 wounded - she found her way to her new home, the Wind Nation. Not remembering much of anything, she solely focuses on school and sports, despite her early upbringings she is very warm hearted and opened. She is not a team player - but not by choice! If her teammates are in danger she’ll rush to help.

Her gloves and ankle handles have Rapid Fire Oil Gears for material arts movements, she also has a sword that she rarely pulls out.

Many know her as the Nation Hopper, trading nations is never an option. But apparently she isn’t the only Nation Hopper.

Read The Story Here:
Fanart for the manga called The tarot club. I really love that style. It's a bundle of 4 stiries and this one was the saddest. There are some flaws, like his right arm and hand, and the scanner messed it up a bit. It looks better on paper :( But still I like the way it turned out. What do you think?