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Yet another late night/ early morning sketch TT_TT
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Lozz Yet another late night/ early morning sketch TT_TT
Avaeccus 2007-04-04 14:24:01 cute but, what does the K stand for?
Def Character 2007-04-04 17:26:32 My guess is kitty ^^
Kheine 2007-04-05 03:21:14 its very good but I want a nose :) OTherwise its awesome and you should color it!
kannal 2011-04-03 03:33:44 I like that there isn't a nose, makes it cute!
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Random art
a horse sketch this is from memory^_^ iit has a very preist feel dontcha think im proud of this since i suck at animals><
and now I just drew 1 page of a comic XD I really had the urge to do that. the story jumps in the middle of a disaster.
O_O Even I don't know what the heck is going on with this one .......
my second drawing added , i like it hope u do to
wiley justin
a little megaman action.  I gotta color it still.  Any coments before I continue on it? I know the right leg is messed up some...
just some random sketching ^^
I've always loved this picture. ;)
Another chibbi sketch I made when I was bored.

Aerrow from Storm Hawks and 'Preax' Teqra makin kissies while Cyclonia burns heart shaped smoke clouds in the distant background.

Awwwrrr... <3
yay, my adorkable friend who likes roses and licking people made the mistake of talking to me! =3 MALE BUNNY! xD ima go sleep now, make the world a safer place... x3
Tee hee hee this is a Avi art for gaia online too ^^. Its a art that i made for Pinky_chan's Gaiaonline account "Chrono_chan" i hope you like this sketch
[this skets was my 3th art with a tablet]
Hey i havent been on here in ages bout 8 years , heres a drawing from back in 2012 :) , i have a lot of old work on here id like to delete  does anyone know how i can do that ? Cheers
i really like to draw this demon from the side and the hair.