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concept character Taru, it's a boy actually, but I think it looks like a girl :(
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Kimiko concept character Taru, it's a boy actually, but I think it looks like a girl :(
Avaeccus 2007-04-01 08:43:07 looks more like a boy than my male characters
Kheine 2007-04-01 10:17:30 I think it looks like a boy! Good work :) draw more
Def Character 2007-04-02 09:33:47 It can go both ways ^^ The right shoulder (our left pov) can be positioned a little more toward to our right ^^
Nasuri 2007-04-08 10:45:30 >:[ dont say that Kimiko it's so beautyfull! Awesome!Awesome!Awesome!Awesome!Awesome!Awesome!Awesome!Awesome!Awesome!Awesome!Awesome!Awesome!
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it's a new drawing i made yesterday and compleeted today YAY!! >_< i should stop being so jolly..anyway i love my fans...sorry for the scare i'm here and staying now 4 good oke??.xxx from me
U freezed up on me for the last time damned !! >:(  .......  kekekek well yesterday me and photoshop had some issues xD .. made totaly in photoshop tho XD
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it's the same girl, but then slightly different and it's a sketch XP the only thing now is to design a proper outfit for her ^^ *hehe*
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Erm, I messed up slightly on his body but I don't think it shows up to badly O_O
Usually dont draw such kind of kind of things, but this is for a friend XD And its dutch, again. Its for promoting some kind of doctor, called bioresonantietherapeut 0_o
These are the character are are in my manga called "Chinese Love in Tokyo" Each have a profile but I'm really lazy today...its the heat...-_-
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