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concept character Taru, it's a boy actually, but I think it looks like a girl :(
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Kimiko concept character Taru, it's a boy actually, but I think it looks like a girl :(
Avaeccus 2007-04-01 08:43:07 looks more like a boy than my male characters
Kheine 2007-04-01 10:17:30 I think it looks like a boy! Good work :) draw more
Def Character 2007-04-02 09:33:47 It can go both ways ^^ The right shoulder (our left pov) can be positioned a little more toward to our right ^^
Nasuri 2007-04-08 10:45:30 >:[ dont say that Kimiko it's so beautyfull! Awesome!Awesome!Awesome!Awesome!Awesome!Awesome!Awesome!Awesome!Awesome!Awesome!Awesome!Awesome!
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Random art
This would be the older Akiyoru, my main character, this picture i did mainly for the purpose of practicing line-shading, which I need to be using more often.... I bleive this took about 30-40 mins
more stuff, hopefully I can keep up this drawing momentum!
was just board :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
Clowning around? ALWAYS!:D hehehe... i doodled this during a breifing this summer. breifings are soooo broing, its all i could do to keep myself awake! thank-god for the clown!
heh, everyone else is posting sample pages... ^^; so..why not.

raw lineart
its the second chapter
Finished commission for Vampricyoda.<br><br>

Ami and Melvin, from Sailor Moon.<br><br>

India ink and brush, Prismacolor markers, colored pencils and white gel pen on 8.5 x 11 inch card stock.
My 1st oekaki on the MWN test oekaki-board. Nice, keep the board!
more anatomy skeches :D
"I found it on the doorstep~" ... yeah. More Ling. 8D
This is a Happy Hollow
pencil no jutsu
this is somekind of self portait...i know the eyes are a bit off but i like the neckless :P

and i am sorry for the stripe somewhere around the chin...i had to scan the picture 2 times because my drawing was to big....bad scanner!! :P
Some guys, as you see im not very good in drawing hair, and the 2 guys arent standin with eachother. Just some other practising sketch.
Drawed my friend while having a boring class in school. All mouse and photoshop cs about 1 hour