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Nagashiwa 2007-04-01 07:41:54 woa I like it^^
Kimiko 2007-04-01 08:01:44 Is leuk! ^-^ ik moet alles nog tekene, *haat school*!!!!!!!!!!! o ja, L is cooolllll!! ^0^
Kheine 2007-04-01 10:18:15 Awesome hair
Def Character 2007-04-02 09:29:49 Her hair is great ^^
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Random art
Dark Paladin from Yuugi-oh.  Jeff Amano did such a bad job I did my own.  Published in #17 of the Yuugi-oh Beckett.  ^_^

Heyhey everybody, it's been a long time (as usual) I'm sick at home now, so I have some time to draw. It's a pic I wanted to do since autumn started, never had the time.
I hope to do some more, but school and work are kind of in the way.
So, any critics or comments?
i colored my chocobo knight pic :)
this is my demon princess profile. i just love to draw hair and lines. i really screwed up on this one. can you guys tell? i dont like it.
just practicing something.
Quick drawing I made to get back into coloring stuff. Been a while since I last posted here, just been kinda busy, lol
No refference. Spent fair amount of time, but scanner didn't pick up everthing, especially on the left side. Used RoseArt .7mm mechanical pencil. C&C
Zenith :D
I made him because of Astronomy class... we were doing vocabulary, and the word "Zenith" had a nice sound to me... soooo I made this charater ^^ rofl.
Hi there, well this was just some monster practice and just learned the word onida that´s demon whright?
goku sjj 4
One of my older pics. Just wanted to post it back up on here so newer members could see it. ;)
SHAZAMMM!The Fire Goddes emerges. well this was rather difficult for me but i did it... i still think more detal should be added... but i dont know where, sadly.
Any help??
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