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its a mage commiting suicide!:D ive put some effort in it for a change
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lotsofblood its a mage commiting suicide!:D ive put some effort in it for a change
Def Character 2007-03-29 04:45:22 *Claps hands* Very good (^_^) I'd like to see more of those
noname 2007-03-29 08:45:00 lol a mage committing suicide :P can you draw the part were that spell hits the head as well?? :P
killerkun 2007-03-29 20:03:52 Cool!
Zeph 2007-03-29 22:04:08 Wow. Seriously bud, this not the stuff you normally post (style while) and im not gonna lie, it's aLOT better. Definatly the piece ive seen from you
lotsofblood 2007-03-29 22:59:58 thanks for the comments, with what you guys just said i might do more of that kind of drawing(the kind that takes me 1hour or more to draw) but im pretty lazy when it comes to drawing i dunno why :-O
Kheine 2007-04-01 10:20:10 I like how you worked on the grey
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some other creation . .
A half demon, half angel thingie .... might ink & colour it later, might not .... who knows, who cares XD
u gotta imagine these would be everywhere in midgard city ..
ok So I forgot about this site for a couple years then remembered it today. My old account is gone so I re-registered. Here's some rather old Computer art of my character Amareli. 
This I think took me 4 hours with CS2
hi everyone, it's been a long time (again) ^-^;;;; So i drew this, yes its my avatar at gaia. Not much to say, nothing extraordinary about it. What i like: her hands, for once i like them!!! that's it ***openCanvas - wacom - 4hs. - 3 cups of coffee***
I know, I know, it's terrible, it's on lined paper. Sorry! -_-' But I wanted to upload something, and I actually quite like this one. They could be brother and sister, or they could secretly like each other, or they could secretly hate each just depends on what you see in it, and that's why I like this one ^_^ Drew this during class btw.
This one is Rune, again, but in his Dragon Knight, attire. He's an elf. Obviously, I don't like how the head-dress came out.. but oh well. S'just a sketch that took me a few minutes.
Bleh feeling really unimaginative. Things Are Not Always What They Seem. Quicky, photoshop.
page 3, the one i had the most fun doing.. :D, btw, drawing buldings is a bitch..gotta come up with better layouts so i wont have to draw so many damn windows.... okay, now, on to the big payoff
The Raging Spaniard

at last monster hunter freedom 2 has reached the states and with that i shall retire my rank of thunder god, my g rank kirin armor, devil slicer, chrome death razor, sith of menace and war stamper... why the eternal schizims of all weapons in this pic? cause i soloed both ashen lao shen lung and mura balken with em. why kirin armor? 57 kirin in total have fallen by my blade... now my new target is aurura borialis... it shall fall, i will have shinyier electric armor, the children will smile and ill have an armor update pic to draw... it has been fortold!
this is the cover of my naruto doujin which i never finished :)
My X-mass card for 2005

Myrry christmas folks and all the best for 2006

*comments are welcome!*