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Erm, I messed up slightly on his body but I don't think it shows up to badly O_O
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Lozz Erm, I messed up slightly on his body but I don't think it shows up to badly O_O
Kheine 2007-03-22 14:20:51 Looks very good!
Zeph 2007-03-23 00:19:00 His expression makes me laugh, the mouth is awesome
AnimeminA 2007-03-23 08:46:45 i agree with the others. but like you said, his body seems abit awkward affecting your arm proportion (the top part of the arm is way to long compare to the bottom part of the arm).
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not finished but i like it so far, wow is been a while.. again
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Yay, first art here XD

This idea came to me when he said that line in the movie :P but don't get me wrong; I'm still affraid of that guy X3
Another drawing I made for another friend. It's a penguin, now join me in awe... ;-)
fanart, will vandom from W.I.T.C.H, i lost the original file, so I never will finish it, whatever I'm glad about the color change, and the wings
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unfinished pic of the vampire lady...BLOODLUST!! lol
Kanon, guitarist from Antique Cafe. ^^ looks empty the space..O_o
It is my first picture in these style)
First interior page for Fragile that I did so many years ago. I never coloured the cover but at least I put the greyscale and screentones on the first two pages. I'm still a colour-baby, black and white always feels to me like I'm being 'lazy'.
Hey, how's everyone doing today ? (\(n_n)/)  Just another doodle thingie for ya.