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How do you like this one?
I think she's pretty ^ ^
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AAA-LAZEX-disign How do you like this one? I think she's pretty ^ ^
lotsofblood 2007-03-12 13:03:45 ya she is actually
Shinfate 2007-03-12 13:32:20 you did good on the body dude, she looks really sexy. only crit I have is that I think that her arm is a tikky too long ^_^
Def Character 2007-03-12 15:52:41 The head and the arm fit together but they are both to big for the body...
Def Character 2007-03-12 15:53:29 the skintones are very good though^^
Zeph 2007-03-13 19:49:25 i like it overall, but the hair is a little too stiff looking
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Random art
Warrior :D
trying to upload more artwork, but finding creativity severely lacking.  N E WAYS here is the latest I've done.  I'm trying to work more on dynamic type poses than the stuff I normally do.  Crits welcomed and appreciated, lata!
Long time no upload well this is a picture of some sort of catgitrl with no ears (I know... ^.^) please give me some hints... ^^
Another original character- Matt
It is a Pirate. I hope you like it.
Long time no see.... again... anyway!
Just started sketching a fail body and started to draw more stuff around the body, then I sketched the "details" in and I got this. Thought it kinda looked like a front cover and I do like it a little, although it has a lot of mistakes =( Hopefully I can fix them all XD
Made this one before sleeping... I like this one... To bad his left arm and knee didnt work out the way i wanted... but other than that i think its nice

Comment ^^
Germaine and Ray, her first love, kinda inbetween her infactuation with D'vonte, poor girl falls for guys too fast
This is my contribution for the witch pin-up contest.
I was going to send it in colored but I did'nt have the time, I'll upload it when its finished.
Uh oh....I'm starting to post crap that I draw for gaia.

N-E-Ways drawn with pencil, colored in photoshop....
Ryu, again, on his throne of stone. Nude, but nothing dirty.
The image was reduced to fit the size limit. Go here to see the full size: <br>
Pencil, ink, and Photopaint effect. No flares, promise. ^_~

Zydrate Robber
nothing new  hinata and naruto
I just loovee elfs ^_^ I wanted to make an elf standing behind a tree in the forest :o here it is :)