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here is something I made for Ukkie. She made a boy in a cat suit and that gave me the idea to make HER in a cat suit XP I hope she likes it though
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Shinfate here is something I made for Ukkie. She made a boy in a cat suit and that gave me the idea to make HER in a cat suit XP I hope she likes it though
ukkie 2007-03-11 14:27:44 you idiot! Of course I like it! XD It's way too cute (that background! XD)! XD Thank you so much ^_____^ One minor detail eyes are BROWN :P
gothqueen 2007-03-11 14:45:41 So cute! (alleen sinds wanneer heeft Jen lichtblond haar? ;))
Shinfate 2007-03-11 14:48:30 thx! maar moet het zo precies zijn? XD
Def Character 2007-03-11 14:52:45 Cutestuff ^^ for sure...
Wicked_Lady 2007-03-11 14:58:11 Lief =) En alles moet toch altijd precies zijn? =P
AAA-LAZEX-disign 2007-03-12 12:09:22 Uniqe styling this is I Like it verry mutch ^_^
noname 2007-03-12 19:02:01 kawaii ^^
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Random art
Chalice in flames.

This one was done on canvas with Citadel paints. 

Chalice is mine, and stars in my manga in progress called "Black Eye Princess."

I will be posting a lot more from that series here.
Just a quick sketch XD
Yeah! For those of you who watch Naruto: a tribute to Kakashi, cuz' he's cool! For those of you who don't know Naruto: what are you still doing here?? Get your lazy ass over to and start downloading the eps!!! 
Anyways, a quick sketch, done with a normal HB pencil. It took me about 5 hours in total to draw and shade it. (I won't be braking any speedrecords!) I uploaded it here for fun, and because it has been indeed a very long time since I did anything here on Mangaworkshop. Well, I'll be waiting for the critics, so bring it on!! ^^ (<- Kinda longer story than I wanted...)
I hope you like this one ^^
Deja vu
in a field underneath butterflies do you dream of a beautiful change?
i couldnt sleep last night so i draw something. What i like: the colors i think they are pretty; her clothes (yes her little clothes), and the messy colorwork. What i dnt like: her right knee looks to thin, her hip area also looks odd because of the skirt; although i like the messy colorwork i think i went to messy X_X -->>C&C welcome<<--
Very old
main character Rin from my manga Frozen
Okay kids here is the big one. This thing took me close to 20 hours to finish up! Done all in pencils and all the designs are mine obviously.Hope you like it! If you wanna go look at a bigger version, just copy and paste this link :
The Raging Spaniard
Im uploading a lighter version of my photoshop coloured character RIN
~Fun in the Water~

My 1st post here! :D

I wanted to do a scene with hot sand dunes, cold water, and a hot bikini babe in DOAX style, and this is what came out. Takes a lot of patience to make water look like water, and I am still not sure about the splashing bits because creating that in 3D was a bit of exausting. Here I tried some rather challenging light and water effects, where in the end greenish water somehow looked better than bluish. ^_^  This tropical oasis attracts some odd animals, but nothing that will keep Hiromi (here in DOAX cosplay) from having fun in the water! :D

Thanks for coming by!

* AnimeDoll by MayaX
* DOAX Swimsuits by Riddokun
* Hiromi custom CR2 for AD by Ken1171
I screwed up on the one foot but the rest is pretty good... I think?
Just a sketch I made when I was extremely bored in the testweek :P