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here is something I made for Ukkie. She made a boy in a cat suit and that gave me the idea to make HER in a cat suit XP I hope she likes it though
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Shinfate here is something I made for Ukkie. She made a boy in a cat suit and that gave me the idea to make HER in a cat suit XP I hope she likes it though
ukkie 2007-03-11 14:27:44 you idiot! Of course I like it! XD It's way too cute (that background! XD)! XD Thank you so much ^_____^ One minor detail eyes are BROWN :P
gothqueen 2007-03-11 14:45:41 So cute! (alleen sinds wanneer heeft Jen lichtblond haar? ;))
Shinfate 2007-03-11 14:48:30 thx! maar moet het zo precies zijn? XD
Def Character 2007-03-11 14:52:45 Cutestuff ^^ for sure...
Wicked_Lady 2007-03-11 14:58:11 Lief =) En alles moet toch altijd precies zijn? =P
AAA-LAZEX-disign 2007-03-12 12:09:22 Uniqe styling this is I Like it verry mutch ^_^
noname 2007-03-12 19:02:01 kawaii ^^
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Random art
An old one that I kinda liked. Still in the process of cleaning...
Here's a collab-groupboarddoodle with Cowboy Bebop theme made by Lozz & me.  On the forum we have an "The Project! An Homage to your favorite series!" -thread in the Art Talk section. Where some the regulars are drawing for at the moment. The first homage we voted for is Cowboy Bebop.  Ehm Dustin when was that dealine again 6^^
Def Character
I know, it's november -.-' but I just needed to make a drawing with snow. I call it 'bored during poletical history' ^^'. Kiyoshi and Umi are from (how I call it) Tenshi Tokyo ©

Old commission, traditionally inked and then coloured with Photoshop. It was just supposed to be the Seraphim but at the end I was asked to do a background and so I threw together the 2nd version. I love the clouds.
heh, i was messin around with line art for like 3 minutes then i went a little crazy with coloring for such bad line art...especially the blur tool O_O i'm kinda experimenting
Drawn this for no reason.... The sketch was done during class (The most productive time??? ^^;) I am still so suck at drawing creatures ^^; -- 12 May 2003 -- Inked by Pilot G-tech.
Just Testing My New Scaner
She is a water elemental - her powers multiply by a 100 underwater. She can take the form of water but only for a limited time. She has telekinesis which is why she can communicate w/ creatures of the deep.
a scene from reinaert the fox. I had to make a bookproject about it, so I made a drawing ^^'
oficialy from reinaert the fox © yes, I am aware that reinaert looks like shoma kyou -.-'
I saw this cool pic of a girl at,and made a yakuza girl drawing of it.
As we all know,porn makes the world go round^_^
By the way there is no real nudity in this pic.
no real work eather...:P

Zydrate Robber