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i just saw the movie 300...and it inspired me for this lil sketch :) by the way...can you find waldo? haha
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lotsofblood i just saw the movie 300...and it inspired me for this lil sketch :) by the way...can you find waldo? haha
Zeph 2007-03-11 00:52:03 hahaha. yes i can. and it's a nice sketch, even though it's hard to tell what's going on
lotsofblood 2007-03-11 12:00:52 thanks yeah i know, thats why i put waldo in this :D
AAA-LAZEX-disign 2007-03-12 12:12:46 yeahh I see him ^+
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Random art
Coloring in progress for first sketch I uploaded.  This was done back in April 2006... and then I just kinda abandoned it <_<; (scanned lineart, color in photoshop)
graphite pencil drawing rendered in colored pencil & ink
My first official artwork for my Adult-Doujinshi group called HADAKA.
This piece is supposed to be used as a small poster or a postcard. I want to put the line "Want to get HADAKA with me?" in it somewhere... but I'm not sure where. :p
Obviously this piece was inspired by my favorite (dead) artist Alfons Mucha.
helo this my  first art here iam new i hope you like it !!!!
This is my first try on Corel Painter IX.5
Hope you like it.
hey all! this is for the Homage Project going on in the forums here:
if you want to join the next one, go check it out!
Dustin C.
ive made this sketch a time ago and today ive all of a sudden came up with an idea to color her! i had used this before for a school project ^^ i think the result is nice <3
a work in progress.
yoko from tengen toppa gurren lagann.
Dustin C.
And a third latex girl. I think I will develop this character more, whe has a certain something ^_^.
this is one of my favourite sketches so far. what do you guys think?
This giant mole is such a useful companion for a treasure hunter, don't you think? He seems to be more than just a working animal, though - notice his plump cheeks & his bright eyes. Looks more like a pet to me! We all know that the mole is the most effective burrower (& miner) there is! I bet he's found many a trunk full of treasure for his lady a thousand times!
I dunno. 8D Just some BS sketch while trying to think of the most cliche possible death for dearest turkeyboy. Because he -needs- to die. :D Dunno why, but my style hiccuped in this picture, and it looks slightly like the style in old '80s anime. ... but anyway, don't bother critiquing it; it's just a 20-minute sketch.
colored it ^ ^
A character for my manga Attune, to bring into harmony. This is a kid version.