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im making a pikmin hellspawn series XD ... and this is the first one .. the pikmin mauler .. it slices, it dices and does the laundry :P
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TheDarkHell im making a pikmin hellspawn series XD ... and this is the first one .. the pikmin mauler .. it slices, it dices and does the laundry :P
edragon 2007-03-09 06:56:31 NICE I give it a passing grade! Y'know I bet the game would have been 10 times easier if this version was a choice in the game.
Wicked_Lady 2007-03-09 07:51:17 Awesome! It looks exactly like my sis <3 Very nice job. =)
AAA-LAZEX-disign 2007-03-09 09:02:25 great, but what is it?
Def Character 2007-03-09 09:47:03 Scary 6^^
Def Character 2007-03-09 09:47:19 Great detail though ^^
Kimiko 2007-03-09 13:06:26 Wow!^0^ Cool!Good drawing .^^
Shinfate 2007-03-09 13:52:51 I wouldn't want to meet IT in my dreams XD looks great ^^
TheDarkHell 2007-03-09 19:33:21 its a demon pikmin lazex >.< .. look at description. and indeed the game would be a lot easyer edragon xD... @wicked lady:.*note to self*. "never meet wicked's sister"
killerkun 2007-03-09 22:24:53 wickedly cool
poyanz 2007-03-10 09:10:32 ur gothic man dont look at this pic man u will go to hell lol anywayzz nice concept
lotsofblood 2007-03-10 16:16:23 thats the kind of concept i would like to have had...but i guess you were faster than me on that. youre lucky to have something as cool as that to draw, so draw more dark pikmins now!
Kheine 2007-03-10 16:49:05 Incredible lineart... great details my brother...
TheDarkHell 2007-03-13 07:06:29 thanks guys :) and blood i already got 4 new designed once but there still sketches :)
AIKUZA 2007-03-13 17:04:42 Cool concept character, looks like you're getting better everytime. I also have much new work that would impress. Just give me some time, and I will upload again. ^^
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konnichiwa minnasan, hisashiburi da ne ^^" ( for the ones who don't understand: hey guys, it's been a while huh) anyways, I was trying something new ( at least that's what I thought :3 it's a picture of a girl, kind of ecchie. I hope it looks good, cause I haven't done anything on the computer for a long time, so *hehe* crits and comments is always welcome
It's me ... drawn in ms paint, try not to be too scared ... DX,
If you don't recognize this character.. I'm hurt. She's my favorite character from this series (which you all will recognize) and this is the series I grew up with. =P Girlyness. Anyways, she also was the first thing I drew which marked my ability to draw well.. lol. So, here I am, trying to go back to paper and pencil sketching and decided to start with a sketch of her. This all done freehand. I draw her quite a lot so I memorized most of the details. =P Hope you like it.
Yay! A page from the latest chapter of the comic =D.
This art means too me "Never Give up" the paper version Looks much  bether!! that why the colors don't look so pretty.....comment please....
colored it ^ ^
This was the second drawing I made on my way to Germany :p
This time I uploaded just the sketch of the new page, this way any change will be easy to do, I'll do the inking on Saturday, I use to correct some pencil errors when I do the inking, like the sword in panel 4 (I forgot it was covered) and the ropes of panel 5, I forgot them 2.

This is just the sketch so speed lines in 1 and 4 are missing, but I would like to hear your opinion, is there any other change necesary.

Oh about panel 5, I used that expresion mostly because I want to show that they are wordless because the weapons actually did what Kernel ask for, and they don't really know what fear is.(trying to think as a kid)

All your comments will help me  a lot. thx
i drawd it from a poster (its not traced) 
and dynasty sat is cleaning up and coloring it i screwed up the hand but i like it very much c&c are very needed and wanted!!!
Wake Up The Dead -  CG: Paint Shop Pro - EGL/Gothy type girl in front of an old english cemetary. The background is originally a pic from a site about victorian London with some filters applied to it. The quote is from Divergence Eve and the kana reads "Necromancer". It lacks dynamics, but then again.. what else can you do in a cemetary ;P and the anatomy is far from perfect, but for the rest.. I like how the colouring turned out and am quite happy with it - July 2004
A couple of characters from my sci-fi story (they're married)
Sketch of my cyber-babe sherrif. Is it big enough?
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