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Hi, ^-^, I drew this for my classmate, hope you like it :p ^^
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Kimiko Hi, ^-^, I drew this for my classmate, hope you like it :p ^^
Dustin C. 2007-03-08 12:23:59 heh, very nice pikachu and funny pic too ^_^
TheDarkHell 2007-03-09 07:05:30 omg pirate pikachu :D
AAA-LAZEX-disign 2007-03-09 08:57:15 hehe this one is nice;)
Def Character 2007-03-09 09:49:56 We like it ^^
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S is for Silas: butterflies are pretty ^_____^

originally posted at - enjoy! <3
evil lizard
i used one of my friends for inspiration on this drawing. (
Whistle, that's who hé is, and that are his doings.
Ghehehe, Right now it is Ramadan. We can start eating around 20:00. So all i could think about was food :P well comments are welcome
and this is the bonus track of the night XD. Call it a doddle.
Haven't much recent art to show so I put this one up. Was too lazy to actually finish it, but wanted some pointers none the less. Some mayor influences from well known animes, find 3 of 'em and win a fridge. (or just comment :P)
charater named denzegar. not quite how i wanted him to come out due to blatant errors in muscle structure but still better then my old craptacular version of him previously posted a long time ago. i drew him to look like his female alterego. (i think def figured that out already)

im doing an amazing amount of writing as of lately and before this years end i want to post a chapter or two of frozen but after i figure out how to integrate screentones in a astheticly pleasing way with my artwork
A Character From My Manga Inverse I Think you all would like it if you want to see it comes here
summer glau is cute................................................................
my monster hunter char in full kirin armor... did the g rank double kirin mission alone till i got the full armor... also gained the title thunder god... shortly after sqeeling like a piggy i drew this
More Pchat stuff. Have fun !
This was from a bigger pic, but i cut this one out because it is going to be an important chara from a story of mine, and the wrighting is no nonsense :P
Here one of my favorite pirates, BUGGY