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Hi, ^-^, I drew this for my classmate, hope you like it :p ^^
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Kimiko Hi, ^-^, I drew this for my classmate, hope you like it :p ^^
Dustin C. 2007-03-08 12:23:59 heh, very nice pikachu and funny pic too ^_^
TheDarkHell 2007-03-09 07:05:30 omg pirate pikachu :D
AAA-LAZEX-disign 2007-03-09 08:57:15 hehe this one is nice;)
Def Character 2007-03-09 09:49:56 We like it ^^
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Random art
Well, semi old piece that i couldnt get around to display for reasons that dont really matter anymore...ANYWAYS, fan art piece for zelda: the wind waker and cover art for last months issue. First hand at watercolors after a couple of years, and as a first experiment with them, i was pretty damn pleased :D. Hope you fellas feel the same way
The Raging Spaniard
this is my home-made manga.. but  it is read the way the comics is... please comment on this...thatnx!

<B>::EDIT::</B> Fixed the knees, increased the width of the waist, and decreased the size of the head. Should be better now, but I still <b>need c&c</b>. Also, some advice on linearting? (which lines thick, which thin, etc. etc.) Just say whatever pops in yer head ^^
this actually wasn't meant to be colored by me XD my best friend asked me to line art something so he can color it, but I didn't have enough patience to wait for him so I colored it too XP he will still color it though.

Ugly evil witch
The Cover of the first chapter of my graphic novel Cybertech
This a picture from my manga, GALATEA, that I am trying to get published. Comments are welcome.
I love white hair guys!!it's easy to color.
Some Elf i created in some spare time. was kinda bored so i just started drawing without knowing what would come out. I think it came out pretty good =) it is 2apocalypse.. not Zapocalypse lol =P dont ask me why the 2 is there it just is hehe. Please say it if you got any suggestions for how i can make my drawings better!!
This is a picture of Sailor Jupiter.
It is an alien. I hope you like it.