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I just made this picture. Wanted to experiment with monochrome and contrast. Also, it's inspired by a hilarious japanese t-shirt I saw. Comments?
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Icy_Penguigo I just made this picture. Wanted to experiment with monochrome and contrast. Also, it's inspired by a hilarious japanese t-shirt I saw. Comments?
yurusanzo 2007-03-06 02:38:09 i was about to comment on how your art work looks like someone ive seen before then as i was checking your arts i realized that you were desty :P... i refuse to comment on your future work cause theres never anything to say... at this point i can say your almost flawless in your own edragon, mamalogon etc.... as you can see i hardly comment on their work ither... that doesnt mean you can stop posting tho... the masses demand eyecandy :)
Def Character 2007-03-06 02:52:09 Nice experiment ^^
TheDarkHell 2007-03-06 08:16:24 awesome stuff dude ... lol i want that tshirt xD
WOLF 2007-03-07 18:59:08 hmmm candy for my eye ! =D
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Random art
A picture of a girl I originally created for a story, but she grew on me so I attempted to draw her. I'm not good at bodies or hands, I admit, but that will come with more practice. ^_^ I'd like some feedback plz.
As the hunted Kasumi rests she knows her rest is not for long as she is hunted down by Ayane. Will she ever find her rest and will the personall war between them ever end?? who knows.....

XxX to the fans^^
After a long, loooong time i finally upload new art ^_^ YAY!! i hope you like this art. Its made with Open Canvas. This drawwing is a Avi art. (gaiaonline) tee hee hee (n.n)
[This is my 6th art that i have made on my Tablet.]
sorry pikachu...
Done entirely in Photoshop, mainly over the past 2 days containing sleepless nights. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
this is one of my first drawings when I started useing step by step tutorials.
Germaine and Ray, her first love, kinda inbetween her infactuation with D'vonte, poor girl falls for guys too fast
This is my first anime girl
I was just trying out different styles. I know some aren't as tidy as it should be, but eeehh, I'm not doing it all over again :)
Yay for Reno, one of the only two Final Fantsy characters I ever bothered to care about. Game!Reno, I would think. He doesn't look pretty enoguht to be AC Reno. :B

I don't know if he has freckles, but I always saw him as having them. Nyer.

Drawn in MSPaint, 2 hours.
this one is originaly made by AIKUZA but I did the colorzzzz... It's very old. 2005 or something maybe older XD
wel....I finished's...creapy =S
Krad from DN Angel ©
This is actually form I think over a month and a half ago... I don't remeber. I just got it back from my english teacher today. I entered this pice in a contest for the team litterary magazine. (I feel so professional having me picture on a magazine cover! =3 ...Even if it is a crappy 8th grade magazine... X3)O_o Ack. There's so much I wanna fix now. TT_TT
I drew this at school, got really bored -_______- used hb pencil, but I changed the picture a bit with painter, not sure it's a boy or a girl XD *sigh* sleepy...... ^----^