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for a manga i just got hired to work on 
tey ask me to COLOR 
issue 5 cover 
i am supposed to be drawing issue 6  please comment
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1-MM-1 for a manga i just got hired to work on tey ask me to COLOR issue 5 cover i am supposed to be drawing issue 6 please comment
ukkie 2007-03-04 14:38:05 be honest, I think the coloring looks a little blurry and the lining looks messy. I think it'd be better if you "sharpen" it a little. Also, all 3 girls don't have hips XD But overall still a nice piece ^_^ What's the manga about?
Shinfate 2007-03-04 19:28:52 same here ^_^ I also think the right girl as a bit chubby. another good tip is not close the space between the legs where the girls' member is, know what I mean :) if you study girl bodies, by looking at bikini pictures or whatsoever, you may understand them better ^^
1-MM-1 2007-03-05 05:37:32 ok look this is why i put caps on the word color I DID NOT DRAW IT shit i know how to draw better than this any way coloring was a rush job about 30 o 40 min *sigh* sorry i should have typed that in the description anyway please check out my page at
Shinfate 2007-03-05 11:01:01 dude relax XD we didn't mean to hurt you, we're just trying to give advice ^^ your own art looks great ^_~ keep it up XD
yurusanzo 2007-03-06 02:26:06 i wanna see your cover for issue six... im certain like trick dice youll blow this out the water
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