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teeheehee mju...i dont know much to say ^^;; it's a cheerleader?...anyway...tell me what you think ;)
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lino-chan teeheehee mju...i dont know much to say ^^;; it's a cheerleader?...anyway...tell me what you think ;)
Def Character 2007-03-04 14:05:37 Cute stuff^^ hoe about a face...
ukkie 2007-03-04 14:43:29 cool, nice outfit too! ^__^
gothqueen 2007-03-05 15:09:16 The outfit is cool, but het anatomy can use some work. (her breast are very strange)
lino-chan 2007-03-05 15:47:42 hehe ok maybe if i have a free time (one day in the future XD) i will change her breast on my pc ^_~
WOLF 2007-03-07 19:07:24 cuuute
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another character based off of Ah! My Goddess...actually the same girl as before lol
^^ this is like a robot
calld a puppet / doll (havent decided)
wel anyhow it can be used as armor (it strengthens the warer) or operaited by remote can also br progrsmed to do certen tasks

Finally someting done. I made this for an friend of mine, at least the lineart. YES it's suppose to be this BRIGHT and SHINEY because she's too cute for comfort. i guess that's what i think
just a art that i made today....its the new romeo and juliet ^_^  hahah no just kidding....i am very proud of this one... but the colors are not so great as the real pic.
Conclusion of The Haystack Murders. (Man, I blew 2 fuses while scanning this.. can it be a sign? ;P)
Another freebie. This time I experimented some more in PS with more layers with different blending styles, and I used a thinner pen to ink.. .2 mm.
First try drawing a girl with dresses and other girly stuff
After having read the comments on the original Space girl color version, I decided to do surgery on her ^_^ This is the 'corrected' line art version of Space Girl .. I kinda like it without the color ^_^ I hope you guys agree .. The head may still be a bit too big though ..
Yusu Cama, made him in the year 2004 (^^)
The Bio War has started everyone flee !!! :P heehh well ass for why i made this, mister Bio-Dwarf himself has aged another year so this weekend he had his birthday party (whits had many beers :D) and just like last year i made some fan-art like thingy of his bio-dwarfs. Well this came out. i made the 3D models whit 3d-max and i draw the background whit photoshop. (ow and sorry this aint manga but i still wanted to show it)
Just Cloud again^^
I hope you like it^^