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teeheehee mju...i dont know much to say ^^;; it's a cheerleader?...anyway...tell me what you think ;)
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lino-chan teeheehee mju...i dont know much to say ^^;; it's a cheerleader?...anyway...tell me what you think ;)
Def Character 2007-03-04 14:05:37 Cute stuff^^ hoe about a face...
ukkie 2007-03-04 14:43:29 cool, nice outfit too! ^__^
gothqueen 2007-03-05 15:09:16 The outfit is cool, but het anatomy can use some work. (her breast are very strange)
lino-chan 2007-03-05 15:47:42 hehe ok maybe if i have a free time (one day in the future XD) i will change her breast on my pc ^_~
WOLF 2007-03-07 19:07:24 cuuute
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Random art
having much fun with neopiko markers and fineliners.. ^__^

soo.. a friend ask me to collor one of her drawings.
^^ soo.. I collerd this one too^^

Just look at her profil at :
well i made this one for a art game on gaia, the idea of the game is to draw someone els his char in your style and diffrent setting. (i believe the same game is also on the aniway forum) but anyways the orginal char was from cyber-luna and this is my version of it ^^

Client work.

Other paintjobs and visit my website for my portfolio, other work, and how to obtain this kind of work.


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just practicing something.
For all those who adore love this is my angel of love for V day^^ yes it's early but better early than late^^

XxX to the fans
LM MENTS page 17
yes, her eyes are supost to be lie that. she's got 1 dragon eye and 1 norma eye. it's a pretty old drawing already, but I'm pretty proud of it.
Please comment
Very old picture but I like it I know the arm is too short  and the foot is weird ^^ tell me what you think *smile*
chara of mine, drew this almost 2 years ago xD (then why the "vesta '06"? I don't know but its definately not '06)
Another eye..
It's a picture of the apocalypse in all its poetic beauty. The little dots everywhere are actually people fighting far away and getting killed by gigantic meteors. Oh and the big demon is supposed to be Satan.
This is a character of my own design who has spider dna in her. She's a character in my manga idea.