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just a random sketch..i like it though
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lotsofblood just a random sketch..i like it though
Shinfate 2007-03-02 21:05:55 hehe, how do you know you see all that stuff like that? XD it's funny
Def Character 2007-03-04 13:54:33 Whatta????
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Random art
My own manga called "Rebirth"
this is page number 1
An elf who looks sad :( (^0^)
Cat peeps, I gots nothing more to say on the matter. :3
its just that ive been playing mmos and going to work and i keep forgeting somewhere in there XD
tablets rock

Zydrate Robber
hi all, been a while =) (maybe not as long as I think XD) I was doodling around and one of those doodles is this girl right here =) I am in the mood for this kind of situations the last few days XD guess what my other doodles are XD" hahaha. owh! I used photoshop this time! my desktop barely survived XD I wanted this piece to look fresh ^_^ hope I succeeded.
LM MENTS page 8
Manga Art
Here is an non CG line art doodle. Just a nearby fineliner. an there we have it.
Def Character
ive not uploaded on her for ages ! so HELLEOOOO EVERY1 !!! I MISSD ALL OF YOURE FUNKY ART! anyways this pic is inspired by the art of min woo hyung and the story of avatar the last airbender i may upload a finnished version of it soon
 A fox girl I colored Using Oekaki - Not quite finished
I am just obsesed with "LOVELESS"... ^^ please comment... :3
Yoko - Gurren Lagann
Dustin C.