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just a random sketch..i like it though
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lotsofblood just a random sketch..i like it though
Shinfate 2007-03-02 21:05:55 hehe, how do you know you see all that stuff like that? XD it's funny
Def Character 2007-03-04 13:54:33 Whatta????
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Random art

I really tried drawing somewhat better as usaual...I really tried , but it seems like I'm stuck on the same level...I want to get better BAD , but it's soooo hard...
idiot character in a tree, made this one up in class. took about 40 minutes.
I'll upload the colored version soon....I guess.
It hasn't stopped, my 'obsession' for ducks'
fanart of the online comic The Meek (
Dustin C.
One of my earliest commissions, I was paid to draw a Jester mech with extendable arms holding bombs sitting on top a large ball...did I succeed?
well people merry christmass and a happy new year ^^  (card me not be totaly in the christmas spirit, but a well that just my humor ^^) .... ow and sorry for the weak coloring i needed to finnish it on time :P
Haven't uploaded anything on this site for God-knows-how long. Partly because I haven't drawn anything in over 6 months. Nothing fancy, just trying out my new pens
just an entry for trico's contest...c&c please...
I have no idea what to do for the background...sigh...
Here is my entry for the MWS Bebop homage. Of course all illustrator. Who's next ^^
Def Character
Ryu from Streetfighter offcourse. Always streetfighter N shit... Cant help it. I should draw more Tekken art.  Anyway, made this one in class real fast. Scanned the sketch and coloured it. Im pretty pleased with the results, although it has some flaws. I dont mind. But in a month or 2 im certain i will dislike it again.  Shinkuuu..tatsumaki senpakyuka... -__- ....
I hadn't intended to color 'I See You' ( but I recently downloaded the Corel Painter IX free trial and wanted to give it a whirl. ^^ Not too shabby, I think. Now if I could just buy the program. ^^;