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Deedlit // Record of Lodoss War
/// Outlines: black Indian ink & stenography quill tip
/// Medium: computergrafic (program: Mikrografx Picture Publisher) 
/// Background: gouache and computereffect (program: Mikrografx Picture Publisher) 
Artist Description
Viviane Deedlit // Record of Lodoss War =============================== /// Outlines: black Indian ink & stenography quill tip /// Medium: computergrafic (program: Mikrografx Picture Publisher) /// Background: gouache and computereffect (program: Mikrografx Picture Publisher) ------------------
Kimiko 2007-02-24 07:06:57 beautiful, me so jealous!! ^-^
Def Character 2007-02-24 08:26:22 Pro job ^^d
Avaeccus 2007-02-24 11:32:53 wow, just wow
hippysrmyfriends 2007-02-24 21:10:03 absolutely beautiful, thats all i have to say
Joou 2007-02-25 14:27:07 Very lovely. Love the attention to detail in the dress *_* The only thing that stands out to me that could be improved (and this is personal taste) is that I don't really like those thick, black outlines, where the rest of the outlines are lightly colored.
mantoro021 2007-02-25 21:23:33 Wow nice work!
mantoro021 2007-02-25 21:25:39 I would have commited suicide doing the dress alone...not to mention colourinf the whole thing 5/5 for doing the whole thing. Proportions are good, the lineart is good the colours are good. Background is pretty. Keep the good stuff coming!
TheDarkHell 2007-02-26 06:12:22 my favorite female elf :3 ... great job !
mama_logon 2007-03-06 16:46:58 yes... too much details. i think is too good
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Random art
and here's the final result hope it can be seen here.
oh and if you want to use it, feel free to do it
i've been working
on this for a long while~~

i've been thinking about getting it published, but then i wouldn't want to give my self-consciousness cause to panic by giving a damn~~lol
anyway, this project is called ‰º–k‘ò‚ɁuƒIƒ„ƒXƒ~v‚Á‚ÄŒ¾‚Á‚Ä‚ ‚°‚éB softly encroaching upon becoming a self portrait of the panicky year i've had.
i won't put up the whole thing, because it's still not finished, and i've still yet to put the text in it. the content becomes quite ambiguous and then it just becomes a "staring at pictures" situation...which i'm sorry about, considering i don't deserve to be amongst you all, but i've wanted to share with you guys for so long, so i apologize for any frustration due to my poor talent.

it does read from right to left like standard asian publications. talk to me anytime^^
Hello again!! this is just a draft cover for a manga I'v been working on, have a look and say what you think....ok I know it doesn't look too fab but like I said it's just a draft ;-)
The sultan's life is at the mercy of the Sea Witch. Will she spare him or devour him? I leave whatever happens next to your imagination.
had the misfortune of drawing this at the backside of a scratch paper... scanner scanned right through ^^
was drawing this and got lazy towards the end. ill finish and color it cause i like it so far... im sure you guys are sick of seeing this character by now but shes easy anatomy practice cause of the skin tight suit
a love scene betwen two my OC
random doodles in my sketchbook.
A little fanwork for my dear friend Lan-kun. These are here both characters Namy (the bis puppet) and Ikiru, the little angel. I love these two... they are soooo sweet *knuff*

It's an older artwork, I've done 2002.
<b>IF YOU'RE INTERESTED IN THE STORY, PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT WITH AT LEAST A SMILEY FACE ON IT, SO I CAN TRACK HOW MANY PEOPLE ARE FOLLOWING IT. THANKS. :D :D :D</b><p>Please comment. Feedback is most definitely welcome and suggestions will be taken into consideration. =D And PLEASE do not steal. >.<<p>Page Two of the story.
I forgot that no one on this site has seen what I actually look like. So here's a self-portrait. Done in a couple of hours rather than studying for a physics test. I should really start looking and acting my age...
a drawing of sisters done in ink... hope you like it. comments much appreciated
I've been itching to upload this sucker for days now, but didn't want to until I was able to work further on commissions that NEED to be done ( yes, I'm working on the Sleeping Beauty beach one, no worries ). It's been up on the MLP Arena and Trading Post for those few days, but only because I wanted to introduce the pony community to my regular chibi style *hoping to get some more commissions and possibly sell tshirts ^_^*.<br><br>
Femme chibi male version of Glory, the My Little Pony. Pencils and Copic multiliners inks in sketchbook, colored in Open Canvas. ( available for tshirt transfers for purchase ).<br><br>
Sketched and inked in my sketchbook while being bored in the back of the schools computer lab at work on the students first day of classes. I was ORIGINALLY going to do a chibi picture of my unicorn character, Ellis, but ended up doing a chibi male version of Glory, nude, with noooothing showing. I've printed this out onto dark tshirt transfer paper, and transfered it to a black tshirt. It looks pretty dang cool, actually! Now to see how well the transfer and ink stays after being washed.<br><br><i>~~Bee</i>
soory i wasn't there anymore..i got deleted for not showing up long long time!! well i can help the fact i have a life! but my drawing spirit came back to me finaly and made me draw this for u's my new beloved being saved by me from his old life enjoy