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Another one of my old pics. It's Samus! Yay!
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Icy_Penguigo Another one of my old pics. It's Samus! Yay!
Zeph 2007-02-20 20:31:59 Wow. I haven't seen Samus in YEARS. awesome job
lotsofblood 2007-02-22 00:49:09 f*ck yeah! samus rocks and you rock too
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Random art
one of my so shy and so mahinhin friend... as in....

though it was kind of rush.... she reeally appreciate my art... and that is my friend charm....
actually this is one of the few times I ever drew a male, I don't know why I never do that,but anyway ^_^
i have a bad habbit of randomly drawing on notebook paper...this is the result. anyway, he is just a monk with dragon spirit.
the second and final page for my entry to
given that this and the other page i did are my first attempts atCG painting, i think they came out pretty good. ^_^
enjoy it!
Dustin C.
Hi me again, this is my latest drawing. ^-^ Please enjoy!!! ^0^
bah! its another lol I will colour and everything most of my pics eventually :P i dont know what i was thinking when i drew the outfit for her...... not bad though i suppose
I'm still experimenting with open canvas and this came out. It looks a bit messy, sorry for that ^^;;

Haven't uploaded a gag in ages, but here goes.
my very first hentai-like art XD I made it because "someone" asked me to though XD but it was fun making it. comments?
Test Test Test Test Test Test Test Test Test Test Test Test Test Test Test
This is smeagul or gollem. I've painted this one a while ago, but I wanted to let you all see it. Give me your opinions please :)
cheating???naaah, i deleted this image, reuploaded it and kept the original linework color for better storytelling, this is the second and final page of this small soccer story, lots of time spent on that damn crowd...chewbacca included :D
The Raging Spaniard
a draw itachi and sasuke