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Yay improvement! :)
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ItsAMissTori Yay improvement! :)
Def Character 2007-02-20 14:20:59 Good for you... =p
Nasuri 2007-06-24 05:16:26 Aah!Looks great ^0^
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[[ updated#1: the leg ._. what do you think now? ]]~~~~~~ a request for someone at gaia. I dont think she will like it, there is nothing special about it. I went lazy on the background. I dont know what to do when it has many details like buildings, what to draw, what not to draw. >_< its a bit frustrating
woo vincent from ff7 
i did this all via mouse on ps
i still messing with it to make an avatar ^^ ill upload the the messd with 1 to later 
Uh oh....I'm starting to post crap that I draw for gaia.

N-E-Ways drawn with pencil, colored in photoshop....
Watercolor painting
another character based off of Ah! My Goddess...actually the same girl as before lol
Thought I'd do something different. Never knew wings were so hard to draw :S Lemme know what ye think
Whoo! i have finaly finshed my coloured picture of Rin! It takes me ages to colour on photoshop, this is probably the best coloured picture i have done so far. Now im off to finsh my next photoshop picture.
another project to my dear classmate... hazel..... who is not worried regarding the board exam because she will not take the board exam here... but in the states.... good for her.... well, she's intelligent naman eh kaya carry niya na yan.... o.c. pero mabait..... sobra....
Character for my first manga.
Name: Arayne Seru, Age: 20
well this is summon nummer 2 for the game i realy like how it turned out ^^
Forgive her crappy left hand. I did this the night of my last sketch; heh. I thought everything else turned out alright (gotta go practice those hands now... lol).
:P I like this one...First time I made something like this, what d'you think?
ray and mike XD
Ray can fly btw
i was showing a friend my tablet and i turned out making a full pic >_> i need help on my bg's but it took me a while to make. C+C welcome as always. especially the C's XD