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it's not what you think.
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WOLF it's not what you think.
Def Character 2007-02-18 16:58:40 Ehm then what is it?
Marius 2007-02-18 18:06:40 I think you're pissed at someone. (left eye from our pov is too much to the left (in comparisant with the nose))
lotsofblood 2007-02-18 20:32:30 its exactly what i think girl ;)
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Recollored this drawing, now also available as wallpaper at
i colored pikachu...just for fun. yeah, didn't take me very long except it was really the first time i experimented with the photoshop wand tool =P i just took the pic from an online coloring book thing. here's the link >>
still training in female anatomy here. what do you think?
I forgot that I had this, and since I'm probably not going to finish it I'm uploading it as is, heh heh.
graphite pencil drawing rendered in watercolor, colored pencil & ink
Headshot of my old Gaia avi, Pandora.

(My gallery shows older work on the first page and new art on the last pages..Is there a way to change this?)
this is a self porterait of me, I had to make this for school and someone of my class (animesa) sugested thad I should paint it well here it is, not really happy with the eyebrows but i´m to lazy to fix them so it wel have to do,
well this is summon nummer 2 for the game i realy like how it turned out ^^
Well, having been sick for quite a while, I pulled out my .hack DVDs (all 2 of them *sniffle*)  and the entire time I'm fairly sure I was lying on the couch thinking to myself "Wow, Subaru is so pretty~"  So, naturally, I had to comee sketchy sketch a pic of her <3
just a art that i made today....its the new romeo and juliet ^_^  hahah no just kidding....i am very proud of this one... but the colors are not so great as the real pic.
Gaku Namikiri from Yu Watase's Absolute Boyfriend.
valentine contest!!!! hi here it is hope you like it ppl....i had a lot of problems with the hear ^_^"
pencil no jutsu

My first uploaded artwork :)  Princess Serentiy Fanart.  Did this a while back.  Water color, acrylic paint, and micron pen.  I didn't have a lot of Princess references so if the details are wrong, I'm sorry :)