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U freezed up on me for the last time damned !! >:(  .......  kekekek well yesterday me and photoshop had some issues xD .. made totaly in photoshop tho XD
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TheDarkHell U freezed up on me for the last time damned !! >:( ....... kekekek well yesterday me and photoshop had some issues xD .. made totaly in photoshop tho XD
Nagashiwa 2007-02-09 10:28:23 hahahahahaha that one is really funny.. lol hahahaha.. Yeah you right some times..I can shoot Photohop too lol XD hahahahahaha GENIAAAAAL!!!
edragon 2007-02-09 12:45:08 grosss!!! ha ha I feel ya, I could kill photoshop at times myself. Great work.
Dustin C. 2007-02-09 13:57:34 photoshop works perfectly fine! ^_^
maybe you should be shootin your computers? 6^_^;;
Def Character 2007-02-09 18:12:10 O.O Maybe U should dedicated a part of your HD for rendering or get more RAM <(^_^<)
Kheine 2007-02-10 14:27:15 Wooow... this is really fun aaand awesome colored! Looks really gret""!
Zeph 2007-02-11 00:43:00 this is amazing! I feel your pain
TheDarkHell 2007-02-11 13:43:39 thank u my brothers :P .. well def the thing is i was at internship on that moment .. soo ya .. just have to wait for more ram :)
pencil no jutsu 2007-11-13 08:32:36 XD nice
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Random art
so, for the past...well, since semester started, really, I've been bored shitless in math.  So....I started drawing he kid next to me.  And this is by far the most productive thing to come of fourth hour in the past several weeks ;^^ lol
A first attempt at a full page of manga :) Currently colouring it in photoshop!
I got this from a picture hope you like it
yay, more role-playing characters.  Their names, from left to right: Yukiko, Evan, and Cory.  Yay.  I'm actually working on coloring the sketch right now, but it occurred to me that it couldn't hurt to put it up and get some comments before I get too far into the coloring process xD  So, if you see anything that I could change, I've still got the sketch in pencil and it's not too late to fix ^_~  comments and criticism greatly appreciated =^_^=
Psycho Billy! We love him!
Well, it took me long enough to get this done...but here it is, my fighting character (who looks starngely like me...ahem) Not too much mystical stuff, T-Square of justice in hand and a pretty messed up in the head attitude would be the main things to point out although, wheter he wins or loses, the opponent will always end up bleeding, thats a fact ^___^. about the drawing itself, im starting to change my style a bit, inked it and did these flat tones in photoshop..nothing too shabby but it has a pretty solid look which i wanted to get. plus, this will also be used for my upcoming site.
The Raging Spaniard
Hey guys. This is a sketch I'm working on of my friend's World of Warcraft character. I plan on inking, coloring, the whole shebang. What do you guys think?
Yeah i'm back
with Kenji Nagashiwa 

:p haha
just fooling around a bit in flash mx . its a girl whit her little pet :P. hope you like it
Gaiaonline Commission.
Cover art for my amateur manga entitled "Antero Chronicles"
my grandma turned 81 today..
Havent uploaded anything for awhile now. Thinking about coloring it. Comments and critizism please.