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Heh, just another sketch  ^_^
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Lozz Heh, just another sketch ^_^
AAA-LAZEX-disign 2007-02-08 12:07:56 Nice one
Nagashiwa 2007-02-08 12:30:31 he is damn hot *_________________*
edragon 2007-02-08 13:20:03 nice!, I like your art style. Do ya need anything colored? Cause I really just want to color stuff, I don't feel like drawing my own pics anymore lol.
Lozz 2007-02-08 13:37:46 Heh, you can have a go at adding colour to this guy if ya want
killerkun 2007-02-08 13:57:34 with that outlines and that color style... This drawing will rock very hard!!
killerkun 2007-02-08 14:03:10 Can't wait to see the result!
edragon 2007-02-08 14:52:36 KEWL, I'll post the result when I'm finished.
Def Character 2007-02-08 17:01:53 You know what I think =p
Kheine 2007-02-09 00:56:34 nice design!!
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Random art
daisuke, isnt he kawaii^^
this is my best drawing of him. please leave comment.
coloured it
yey!!! everyones fave vampire: ALUCARD! (or at least...mine -.-') I'm not going to blood-warning it for 6 drops of blood ¬¬# peace give some coment!I'm just like alucard, I live on them, I eat it. I... never mind ^^'
This is the singer of a rock band. I'm gonna color... 
what do you people think?
good? sucks? needs work? couldn't be any better? : D
this is the same cat girl but she is in a different style *chuu*
pencil no jutsu
An other attempt at comicbook drawing:)
Seems a litle better then the last one i gues^_^
This bookmark is a part of my art for a contest ^^ I like this bookmark so I scan and color it :3
This is lollek & zepei. Lollek's the peacock man and Zepei's the vampire. They're my boy characters. Aren't they cute? Anyhow, lollek's afraid of Zepei because he beat him up once. Lollek and zepei are (c) ME. If you steal them ill turn you in. Seriously.
A DOLLFIE. <33 I love dollfie. They are so perfect and cute and stuff. I love them to death, and I want one soo bad. xD Anyhow, I did this in science class. So yeh. That's why it's on lined paper.
well another summon design this will be more the swamp/posion type summon
For Hadaka's Ultimate Fantasy Adult Doujinshi Magazine Contest. Hand inked, colored in photoshop, atmosphere in Vue 5 Inifnite, edited in PhotoPaint. Comments?
After the second reminder... I thought of taking part in the contest too... and this is my work for the VALENTINE CONTEST.
I'm not so into hearts and pinky artworks... so I decided for a red-golden scenary and a love scene of two rpg characters.

Hope you'll like it and a very lovely valentine 2009.
this is my new botguy.