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Just a bunch of sketches, nothing special ^_^
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Lozz Just a bunch of sketches, nothing special ^_^
killerkun 2007-02-06 11:44:25 nice outfit :3
AAA-LAZEX-disign 2007-02-06 11:51:56 great work! ^^
Def Character 2007-02-06 12:55:23 Special enough (^_0)d
lotsofblood 2007-02-06 13:06:25 haha i like the faces
AnimeminA 2007-02-06 16:37:09 wow, i like the designs =o i wish i can have a favourite artwork list on thsi site XD haha
ukkie 2007-02-07 02:50:55 naww such a sweet smile! ^_^ The faces on the left are very funny too ^__^
SAM 2007-02-07 18:03:47 When I look at him I see the nice and friendly smile that Vash has from trigun. And I really like this one ^^
WOLF 2007-02-09 03:30:26 he is soooo coool ^^
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Random art
this is my friend ochie...
obviously she's into basketball and she usually gain the highest score when we were having basketball tournament.... hehehehe
1st done pg from my manga im starting sorry for the small size file was to large
Uhhh i had to do this... the other image will be done soon...
havent been drawing for a whlie so it isnt that good
kheine, if you are out would be wonderful to hear your opinion^^
12 zodiac
this is now one of my favorite shows, i 
love the story more than the robot fights for once in my life
u know, any way i am iam slowly going of point 

wit this pic i did some thing new and it worked
This is the main character of the my webcomic.  My friend called this picture "Introspective."
Wooo!! Hey guys! Exams and coursework finally over for this year.. feels so good to be back! Man.. haven't posted for months.. how've you all been? Here's my newest pic, another black and white job. I was watching samurai 7 and samurai champloo, and just had to do some samurai artwork! Enjoy ^^
'nother oc online session, this time with Zaerook, aka phleex. He pretty much did everything but the samus, im still kinda slow in oc.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Mangaworkshop
Another crappy sketch. It actually looked better when it was REALLY sketchy, but of course I had to ruin it with shading. :/ My art teacher was nagging me to draw some figure art, so this is what he got. Badly drawn. No references. 10 minutes. 8D Go me. It looks like a futanari with washboard abs; those hips are way too feminine. Uh... yeah. Lousy sketch - no crits. I know of all of my anatomy flaws. 8D   - by the way, it's supposed to be like one of those Greek statues that invaders destroyed- hence the lack of limbs and a head. And the very blatant greek-ness of it.
I drew the girl, and my friend 'Mika' drew the heart.
We hope you like it!! ^-^
*Thanx Mika* ^0^