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A nice kimonogirl I made it just jet
Artist Description
AAA-LAZEX-disign A nice kimonogirl I made it just jet
edragon 2007-02-02 16:48:56 kimonogirl - kimono = sexy!
lotsofblood 2007-02-03 14:58:35 ok so wheres the kimono..
Def Character 2007-02-04 07:28:30 Yeah where is the kimono and the thumbwarning... >:(
AAA-LAZEX-disign 2007-02-04 08:08:15 sorry
killerkun 2007-02-06 01:55:45 You know how much i love those invisible kimonos! good one d¨3¨b
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Random art

Second photoshop attempt! Its my ragnarok online priest.
Geisha rocking out on a biwa :P
Hi everyone! 
This is my first colored art! I gave her a random name  
I didnt really take the background too seriously and raffled it up a bit.

hope you like it and I would appreciate feedback

Program used: Photoshop
Tools used : Lasso tool, brush tool and pen tool
This is the illustration I made for the CIL contest 2005. The topic has been friendship... and I know it's the typical motiv, but since I draw a comic too, I want to draw a light illu for the illustration contest.

Well.. it's for Lysander, since the picture is for her.
hey.. so I draw this one..
it to long ago that I draw something like this^__^
... ...

This is the finalart from my chara Kenji Nagashiwa^_^

I hope you like it
Well, having been sick for quite a while, I pulled out my .hack DVDs (all 2 of them *sniffle*)  and the entire time I'm fairly sure I was lying on the couch thinking to myself "Wow, Subaru is so pretty~"  So, naturally, I had to comee sketchy sketch a pic of her <3
^^ an elf girl and I like it ^^ done for a friend
the ninth page of princess nightmare
This was a fan art the I did for a contest.(mail order ninja)  I have a long rant an rave on the tokyopop site about this because this contest has gone nowhere.  I just wanted to win a Wii.
gurl talk i guess

My characters Germaine and Alissa
I put this under line-art , not coloured , because I just used some fluo markers on I said , I want a cg-coloured line-art of my character..but that's just gonna be a dream forever...must improve now...