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A nice kimonogirl I made it just jet
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AAA-LAZEX-disign A nice kimonogirl I made it just jet
edragon 2007-02-02 16:48:56 kimonogirl - kimono = sexy!
lotsofblood 2007-02-03 14:58:35 ok so wheres the kimono..
Def Character 2007-02-04 07:28:30 Yeah where is the kimono and the thumbwarning... >:(
AAA-LAZEX-disign 2007-02-04 08:08:15 sorry
killerkun 2007-02-06 01:55:45 You know how much i love those invisible kimonos! good one d¨3¨b
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Random art
This is a page from my fantasy story.
found it in one of my old drawing books.... was a member here at one time... tried to log in and all my stuff was deleted. need to get back into drawing!! ejoi
Sargent Peter is my son. This is how I see him anyway
this is my very own version of my chibi self.... hehehehe...
well this is also one from my sketch book .. i only had like 4 markers .. so every drawing i made durning my vacation only has those colours :P
here's a drawing of hum.. 2 hitchhikers on the same highway... well i guess i should start my 3rd collab pages now
 Trying to get myself out of this damned artist block I am having.
I love the TRIA Pantone markers of Letraset!^^ They are wonderful to color with. I had the great chance to choose the colour range and to draw the illustrations for this two manga marker-sets (available at The girl was colored with only the 24 colour of the shoujo set (The same thing with the boy and the shounen set).
more color practice. and first atempt at drawing a plushie. also tried something new with the line art. Hope it's oké. enjoy!
all right! my first pic with my new tablet pc! just a random sketch in sketchpadpro and colored with soft charcoal in painter. its a monk! =^*^=
Dustin C.
a little toy soldier, I am going to use this in a comic I am going to make.
yeaah, its bin a while,but here's a new sketch..
Nothing in particulair,wanted to draw something with smoke.
FIRST>>  lol if you didn't notice, trying to downsize the file REALLY scewed the quality ;_;  here's the GOOD, VERY LARGE-MEMORY version xD  (at two sites, incase bandwidth runs out)

Now, about the pic xD I tried to go a little darker than I usually do, and I like it ^^  It's a Fruits Basket fanart, so yeah, any resemblance to Hana or Akito is entirely on purpose xD  I'd explain the situation, but it would take way too long ;^^ sot you just get to sit and ponder on it :D