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A nice kimonogirl I made it just jet
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AAA-LAZEX-disign A nice kimonogirl I made it just jet
edragon 2007-02-02 16:48:56 kimonogirl - kimono = sexy!
lotsofblood 2007-02-03 14:58:35 ok so wheres the kimono..
Def Character 2007-02-04 07:28:30 Yeah where is the kimono and the thumbwarning... >:(
AAA-LAZEX-disign 2007-02-04 08:08:15 sorry
killerkun 2007-02-06 01:55:45 You know how much i love those invisible kimonos! good one d¨3¨b
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This is smeagul or gollem. I've painted this one a while ago, but I wanted to let you all see it. Give me your opinions please :)
This is the logo that will be on 200+ t-shirts this summer. What do you think about it? C&C
I hope you like the color

someone ask me to collor it.. and I hope you like it too
My first drawing in my new sketch book. The scanner kinda screwed up the color, but over all not to shabby. I hope you ENJOY @_@
mini anela!
Saber from fate stay night. I had drawn to the wall in the kitchen.
Lee Henrik

Here we go. Not sure how well it'll do but I like it nonetheless (^_^)

This took me forever and I am NOT happy with it. It does look much better offline, but eh. :( I suppose it's alright. It's better than the last time I tried to draw a sunset. xD
Well I tried again hope you like it!
Oooh, pretty. Well, i was trying to make a graphic art piece, but i ended up fully coloring it.
Dustin C.
Heh, somehow I managed to make Vicious from Cowboy Bebop look kinda cuddly O_O
Anyways this is part of the 'pay homage to your favorite magna seires' that we have gonig on in the forums right now   go check it out ^_^d
I drew this one a long time ago, but it actually shows more of the bodies. The male is Asch from Tales of the Abyss and the female is an Oc. I like the picture, but some people do and some dont so I'd like to hear other opinions. XP Thanks.
I just wanted to get the pose from the picture to the right.