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yay! adventure girl! ^_^
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Dustin C. yay! adventure girl! ^_^
AAA-LAZEX-disign 2007-02-02 06:36:09 looks good, work it out :)
Def Character 2007-02-04 07:22:21 Heh when is she gonna appear in draw?
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Random art
Ya! Oh! Ehhhh! Gasp! Thats all I can Say.
Half sketch picture. Took actually only 1-2 hours doing this one. This picture popped up on my mind when reading a book called ehhhh.... Tales of the Clan Otori???? I actually have no idea what the name is on english but when translated      
directly from swedish it is that... its a good book...i like it... so i dropped everything and started to draw the background i had on my head and then added the main chars :D
Night elf hunter inspired by World of Warcraft
can i be ur's?
some little thai kid that probably doesnt have alot of money
Another christmas present. Again, one of my friend's WoW characters. See a theme developing here? We play WoW a lot. :p What do you guys think? ^_^
Another freebie. This time I experimented some more in PS with more layers with different blending styles, and I used a thinner pen to ink.. .2 mm.
<b>Goose Chase - Section C</b><br/><br/>This is but 1 small section of a bigger picture I am planning to draw and colour ^^;<br/><br/>I you enjoy looking at this picture as much as me =)
Just saw him and tried to copy the works from the famous Masashi Kishimoto. One of the Many Manga authors that I look up to .
this is my favorite character from d.o.a fighting game its an early drawing so please feep that in mind^-^
ahhh.. this is one of my favorite drawings i've ever done... feet look a little weird o.O but it's an older drawing.. what do you think? give me the shpeal seal!!
Another attempt of giftart. Please help me to choose which one is better -- Inked by Rapidograph, color by Photoshop 7

I made this during my homework, it's kinda messy, but I hope you like it ^-^