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edragon work in progress. . . .
edragon 2007-01-31 07:35:01 Long time since any posted art heh. I've been staring at this piece and just can't seem to finish it! I kinda like the blood in the pic, but I don't know if it's too much. Oh and the goblet is horrible, that's not finished either.
Kheine 2007-01-31 07:57:40 ur coloring is amazing! and shes hot too :3
Shinfate 2007-01-31 09:32:05 hehe, the unfinished coloring kinda looks like a style XD anyway, she may drink my blood anytime XP I'll slap her butt in return! muahahaha
Def Character 2007-01-31 10:23:46 O.O amazing... where you somehow inspired by the X-female Ororo Munroe?
edragon 2007-01-31 12:35:36 HA HA, y'know I never even thought about the fact that she resembled storm. She does have white hair, a black latex costume, and a dark skin tone, but she's got fangs! Totally different character all the way, lol.
lotsofblood 2007-01-31 14:18:58 nice blood youve got there
AAA-LAZEX-disign 2007-01-31 15:07:12 cool work
Tom 2007-02-05 09:12:50 Hey nice work man! But the goblet is the one thing that bothers me. Check the perspective on that thing. The way she's holding it, you should some more of the under side of the cup. Something like that. :)
edragon 2007-02-05 14:59:25 Yeah lol. The pic isn't done yet. I myself don't like the goblet TOM. I see the perspective issue now thanks for the comment. It's still being worked on heh. So I'll upload again when I finally complete it. Thanks for all the comments, it's always good to hear from fellow artists.
zakuro 2007-04-06 19:41:26 I love it! It's fabulous! Don't get rid of any of the blood!
Jafed 2011-10-09 22:24:31 wow this looks great
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