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pendako warrior sketch ^^ just for fun...
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Def Character pendako warrior sketch ^^ just for fun...
AAA-LAZEX-disign 2007-01-30 13:22:51 Great ar ;)
killerkun 2007-01-30 22:37:05 it definitely looks like fun!
edragon 2007-01-31 06:38:31 Ha ha nice! I like the ninja!
Shinfate 2007-01-31 09:38:25 what are pendako warriors? XD they look funny, are you dit going to uitwerken? XD
ukkie 2007-02-01 03:16:36 fishie!! ehm...right ^_^' nice sketch def ^_^
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Random art
it's from a story called "magic stone"
wich my friends and i created ^^ 
(solin, djoeke, love you)
One of the later main antagonists in my comic. I know I messed up with the hand.

 	BTW, sorry for taking so long to post new pictures, I haven't drawn lately because I'm drawing the actual comic itself now.
It is a mutant boy. ^_^ 
I hope you like it.
I would have given this a background, but I did it on some scrap sketchbook paper that already had some other doodles on it. :/ He also had a hand, but it cam out kinda blobby and made the picture look rather ugly. This is the result of me experimenting with some new coloring techniques with my Prismacolors. If you want to critique it, just focus on the coloring. The anatomy is crap, I know. 8D
The choice is always the same...
Long time no upload well this is a picture of some sort of catgitrl with no ears (I know... ^.^) please give me some hints... ^^
Its A Pirate!
Billie the Penguin
A very early wip of one of my characters
yusuke's mother and jenny, i love this scene because they are so cute...especially yusuke's mother when he died. i copied this in one of the picture in the comics of yu yu hakusho...hope you'll like this....i add a little effect with it...
Artwork Lozz  
Colour Def.

Meet the moderators of the Warped Wonderland guild on Gaia. ^^
Def Character
^^ I hope you like this one
                                                                             myfirst drawing
This started out as a sketch of an eye on the inside of my history bundle and grew out to be what I think my best drawing of a female so far. I'm pretty proud of it and really hope you like it