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new line art, screaming
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Shinfate new line art, screaming "color me color me!". I will eventually XD but what style, cell shading or real shading (~_~) hmm..
Shinfate 2007-01-28 11:01:46 I had to delete my old stuff just to be able to upload again XD
killerkun 2007-01-28 14:29:07 Nooo! damn limits!
killerkun 2007-01-28 14:32:15 btw the pic looks nice... you should try to color both styles... and then see what's better... oh and i don't know but i think that maybe the chin of the guy is a little bit long... at least for my taste... but indeed a great pic.
AAA-LAZEX-disign 2007-01-30 11:36:51 Nice one:)
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Random art
awwwwwwwwwww!!! poor mizu! being egnored by everyone *hugs mizu* it at the same time introduces al the mainchars from Link ©
OMG Rin you tard why don't you ever get off your lazy ass and color something in CS3? 

Cause I'm a lazy College student who has other art projects to worry about. 

SCREW YOU POTTERY!!*shakes fit* Ahem...Sorry.

Anyway. This is sassy, saucy, seductive Eve Dresden from the Lackadaisy Forum Rp. She's a calico cop and speakeasy singer. And she's my character.

Yes her left arm is a bit wonky and the color got killed  by scanner but oh well. I stil like it a bit.

But other than that...shred and tear it apart.

Lackadaisy copyright Tracy
Eve Dresden copyright Rin
A really rough sketch. My style is changing rapidly, and I hope in a good way^^. Been practicing hands, face and anatomy. Her name is Leah.

Maybe some ideas for the background? comment is much appriciated
fanart of Suilian by Washuuchan - originally posted at - thank you for all the lovely feedback everyone <3
evil lizard
This is my first time that i haven't drawn somebody from just the front.
Crits and comments appreciated Xd
Muru Kitty
Watercolor painting
I drew this on my birthday ^^0^ *jippie not 14 anymore* forgot to upload it
Just an good ol drawing revived to life after i cleared the dust and gave it a bit of colour.
just testing with the imageready (?!)
so, submitted this earlier today, but I got to looking at it thisevening and figured out something wasn't right.  Eyes finally said, "Holy crap her mouth is HUGE!"  and demanded that I fix it, so, yeah ^^  hehe, role-playing character with slightly better-sized mouth xD
changed up main characters hair again
 Eruru Fanart from Utawarerumono, I really like the anime style. I suggest anyone looking for a good war anime check this out, the cute girls is a plus :D