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new line art, screaming
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Shinfate new line art, screaming "color me color me!". I will eventually XD but what style, cell shading or real shading (~_~) hmm..
Shinfate 2007-01-28 11:01:46 I had to delete my old stuff just to be able to upload again XD
killerkun 2007-01-28 14:29:07 Nooo! damn limits!
killerkun 2007-01-28 14:32:15 btw the pic looks nice... you should try to color both styles... and then see what's better... oh and i don't know but i think that maybe the chin of the guy is a little bit long... at least for my taste... but indeed a great pic.
AAA-LAZEX-disign 2007-01-30 11:36:51 Nice one:)
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Random art
i was bored and made this quick sketch...since it can be interesting i guess well i posted it...
Just a sketch I made in 15-20 min. I hate my scanner because now you dont see her pupils and the head is a bit cut off.

Just started to draw again. ^^
a weapons master. critics welcome
just a mercenary
heyy haven't posted anythin for a realllly long time :D
my scanner is gone forever thus I am unable to scan anything.

the pic is blurry... just trying out a new kinda style in drawing for me.
oh and the text says "Kitty hung herself... kitty was sad" :D
just something i drew out of boredom..
hi there
tell me what you think of this 
i made it last week
I dont think description is needed,anyway this is my first drawing I uploaded here so I hope you like it : ) and if you have any suggestions let me know(I just started drawing recently and i would like to improve as much as possible)
well, second piece of work I made after the shopping girl :) did it all in photoshop. I really like this piece, first time I actually make a background *hehe*
Sketch-Line art: Manga Studio EX
Color: Adobe Photoshop
Tools: Wacom Graphirre 4
Estimate Time: +- 5 Hours
lined scetch. i know the head's a bit too big:P
sources from watermelon XD XD
a little sketch