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another random drawing XD again drawn with the tablet. a friend requested a naked girl, so I made one for him XD PLEASE DON'T LOOK!
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Shinfate another random drawing XD again drawn with the tablet. a friend requested a naked girl, so I made one for him XD PLEASE DON'T LOOK!
Def Character 2007-01-26 17:36:20 O_O what the... You came this close to crossing our border buddy...
Mactire 2007-01-26 18:59:35 Yeah, you know you're going too far when you can see the pussy. >_< -hehe Constructive comments; I like the highlights but I think her head is a bit big. You should practice drawing boobies, these look a bit like balloons. And mind the perspective on her nipples. You're looking right at her breasts, yet you see the nipples from below. But besides that, it's nice ^_^
Shinfate 2007-01-26 20:55:44 waah! I thought this was legal 0_0 I didn't make it visible right :( ( and I thought if I'd back it up with 18+ it would be ok )sorry T_T
Def Character 2007-01-26 21:16:48 If it was that bad I already would have removed it and mailed you personaly...
ukkie 2007-01-27 11:55:59 lol :P it's funny :P I agree with Harm's constructive critism ^_^ I think the coloring worked out good by the way ^_^
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Yay! A page from the latest chapter of the comic =D.
and yet again, my hands are a failure -.-# ying and yang, from my fanfic (god hates me for it) Luna ©

friend suggested that i do a ragnarok wallpaper with my character, his character and someone elses. im not finished yet but this is how my champ/monk came out
because you don't. anybody here listen to a perfect circle? trying to express how much pain is involved when your heart is really broken...i'm sad...
Another Fire Emblem fanart.. This game has some crazy hold on me. Anyway, this was drawn the same way as my Isadora piece.. really weird. >< It started with an eye and an eyebrow... then hair. I dunno.. the technique seems to work. In case you don't recognize this character, it's the female mage, Nino. Yeeah... >< Critiques and comments are welcome of course.
One day I decided too draw flowers, cuz they're soo beautiful,,, this is my rose, my first rose, i worked very hard on it, so please be nice *.*)',,, haha just kidding XD hope you like it! =]
Who could forget Eiko&Moogle from FFIX? Well, not everyone liked FF9 like I did T__T, and were already heading for FFXII, but these are characters from SquareEnix, I still like to draw ;). It's a sketch actually. It's reconized by the sketchy rough outlines. I cleaned up some of them. Anyway, the results were very pleasing. I know about the moogle design (his taildesign must be on top of his head), but I drew this all by head, so that's why I made that flaw. I drew Eiko many times in the last 3 years, but I think this one was worth uploading. The actual size is 1210x1754, but I hope you'll like it :). Feel free to comment.