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I just bought a tablet 2 days ago and I was experimenting with colors on this picture. no cell shading this time. i think I'm getting the hang of it ^^
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Shinfate I just bought a tablet 2 days ago and I was experimenting with colors on this picture. no cell shading this time. i think I'm getting the hang of it ^^
Def Character 2007-01-26 17:33:11 It looks promissing ^^ what kind of tablet did you get... Are you joining the wacom family as well...?
Shinfate 2007-01-27 06:15:01 yeah I've got a wacom graphire :D this is one hell of a tablet XD
ukkie 2007-01-27 11:53:09 Ahhh pretty! I like the green ^_^ And she really looks like if she's sun tanned, so the pic has this nice "summer vibe" ^_^ (Btw is Jozef Maulana van 't Klooster your full name?? :))
Wicked_Lady 2007-01-27 16:19:25 <333333333333333333333 Jouw tekeningen zijn altijd zo mooi.. *bewondert* Ik wou dat ik zo goed was..
Shinfate 2007-01-27 18:48:46 @WLady - blijven oefenen is de truc, hoe erg het ook tegen zit. @ukkie: ja dat is mijn volle naam <3 ik ben er niet trots op XD maar goed, ik ben eenmaal zo genaamd XP
Def Character 2007-01-27 19:11:39 zo genaamd xp?
Shinfate 2007-01-28 04:14:57 hahaha XD grapjas
ukkie 2007-01-28 08:58:30 ach ik vind "Jozef van 't Klooster" wel iets toepasselijks hebben ;)
Wicked_Lady 2007-01-28 15:01:20 Ben je zó gelovig, dan? =P
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Random art
I left my pencil alone for 5 minutes.. and this came out :P
Heya! Im new here hehe. hope ill have a great time here. Anyways, i dont know if this is 18+ rated since it has some blood in it.. If it is 18+ then im sorry. Hope you like it =) Byes
Manga Art
Heya MWS! Wanted to go for a new professional look of my arts. More cleaner stuff and less sketchy style this time. sorry for not uploading in a while, but i have been very busy (work, training, chilling). And i think everyone is on vacation, so i hope someone will see this one ^^;;. I've made several sketches and digital arts, but this one stood out as the best. What I like about it, is that its all done in Illustrator CS except for the fonts. So the colouring as well. SO it was a new technique for me. And the quality of the image is super, but you'll have to do it with this one, since the quality is reduced so much. Anyway, i like the fresh look, only thing i dont like is the HAND holding the guitar. Its an artist lazyness, so ill fix it some other time. Hope you'll like it! ^__^ bye bye and shit!
This is my RP character, Yoshimura Kiratsu. I used to be big in the RP scene with different forums and such, so I sketched out a bust of my character. It's not the best, but it worked, I think.
a little megaman action.  I gotta color it still.  Any coments before I continue on it? I know the right leg is messed up some...
Just something I doodled on PS 7 :D
This is a character from my fantasy based story. He's half human and half dark elf. And the scar on his neck is from where his dark elf grandmother try to slit his throat.
My first picture colored i manga studio. Hope you like it and any criticism is greatly appreciated.^.^
a knight.
please comment...
The first time I ever used charcoal and probably the last. It's so messy and you can't get anything right with it. Basically I think this pic is crap, but I had to upload something, 'coz I don't want my account to be deleted *Sigh*. Anyway, It's Brian Molko from Placebo, but I don't think anyone will recognize him anyway
Bday card. With an adult tint...
Another one for the homage thread, if you haven't already done so, go check it out