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Uhhh i had to do this... the other image will be done soon...
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killerkun Uhhh i had to do this... the other image will be done soon...
Def Character 2007-01-26 02:53:52 b^_^ your forgiven...
Shinfate 2007-01-26 10:00:41 wow great work, keep going =D
Nagashiwa 2007-01-26 12:19:56 I like this one too^^
lotsofblood 2007-01-26 13:39:20 tsss you better work on that background NOW! haha just joking nice pic
edragon 2007-01-26 16:29:36 Nice. . . I like the rough color style.
Wicked_Lady 2007-01-26 16:43:58 I agree with the above, very nice picture. Although her boobs seem a bit weird to me.. =P
Kheine 2007-01-27 07:04:48 i dig it ^^
ukkie 2007-01-27 11:43:47 aww really cute ^_^ the skin around her eys is a little too red looks like she's been crying all night >_<
killerkun 2007-02-06 03:27:51 She scratches her eyes a lot
mama_logon 2007-02-06 17:36:08 i lke this one
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just outlines of an ???Amazon+gun+knightgirl????
Okay, so before I rape this picture with color, I had to scan it in and share, because I've finally managed to draw something that I'm totally happy with. 8D And look! A background! And movement! HOMG MILESTONE TAKE A PICTURE. Her eye looks a little funky because I haven't erased the pencil sketch underneath it yet. ^^;
Realistic human proportions? What's that? ^_~
here are concepts of the POSSIBLE male main character for my doujin. it's not final, but just a concept.
Super randomness no jutsu! This is what happens when I have no idea what I'm doing but I'm still doing it.
I didn't intend to post this one, but ukkie asked me, so here it is. It's Daniel Radcliffe, the ctor that plays Harry Potter

fanart of John Bender and Allison from The Breakfast Club...enjoy..
Well, having been sick for quite a while, I pulled out my .hack DVDs (all 2 of them *sniffle*)  and the entire time I'm fairly sure I was lying on the couch thinking to myself "Wow, Subaru is so pretty~"  So, naturally, I had to comee sketchy sketch a pic of her <3
This is an old pen drawing of Aya from Parasite Eve i drew a few years back.  I decided to scan it in and color it.

Well, here's the last of my christmas present projects for this year. This one's for my brother, who totally loves skateboarding. What do you guys think?
Hey mws! Whoot ^^ Long time, long time.. Anyway, this took me 2.5 hours. And damn it, didn't have enough energy to complete it. :(