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Uhhh i had to do this... the other image will be done soon...
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killerkun Uhhh i had to do this... the other image will be done soon...
Def Character 2007-01-26 02:53:52 b^_^ your forgiven...
Shinfate 2007-01-26 10:00:41 wow great work, keep going =D
Nagashiwa 2007-01-26 12:19:56 I like this one too^^
lotsofblood 2007-01-26 13:39:20 tsss you better work on that background NOW! haha just joking nice pic
edragon 2007-01-26 16:29:36 Nice. . . I like the rough color style.
Wicked_Lady 2007-01-26 16:43:58 I agree with the above, very nice picture. Although her boobs seem a bit weird to me.. =P
Kheine 2007-01-27 07:04:48 i dig it ^^
ukkie 2007-01-27 11:43:47 aww really cute ^_^ the skin around her eys is a little too red looks like she's been crying all night >_<
killerkun 2007-02-06 03:27:51 She scratches her eyes a lot
mama_logon 2007-02-06 17:36:08 i lke this one
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Random art
this is from one of my favorite mangas the Balck Butler or Kuroshitsuji it was my first time shading one of my pictures
a few doodles I made at school, it's Shin's Demon form ^^
Yes, a 4 panel comic special. Why is it special? Well, it has 7 panels instead of 4. :P (It's about Metal Gear Solid though, perhaps that'll catch your interest.) I had to cut it up, so this here is part 1 out of 2.
Domo Kun. Non commercial work, Domo is licensed by NHK, Japan.

This is my second Xbox 360 console paintjob, done for my sister in law.

Original can be viewed here;
I drew this 10 minutes ago on Photoshop.  Haven't practiced drawing with my mouse all summer >_<; It's a younger reincarnation of one of my characters ^-^ (for some reason the arms and legs look funny to me)
Dark Lotus - enhanced it a bit in PSP, can you read the kanji? - May 2003
fantransformer. its teh snakeyes. transforms into teh sports car. snakeyes (c) emerson tung.
Just some random guy. I have no idea why I drew him.
 Hello Everyone, I am new here, And This is my first time Uploading. I did a fanart sketch of Mushihimesama. I hope you like it. Please have a look at my website if you like my art. ^-^v
This is a updated version of my wolf girl character
i colored jun it took long but it was worth the time 
feels like i need a backround if you have any 
ideas comment
WIP. :0 I finally decide to ink something. Probably because it's so simple. xD Not sure what I'm going to do with the background yet...
"the fortune teller" has been an idea running around my head, imposible to make using the mouse ^-^ i really really like this one! (first time ever i say this) except for the hat, looks too flat, needs more stuff. The color work IS messy on purpose. This is the one i really would like everyone to comment and critique ^-^ *hugs you*
I just felt like trying to draw someone fighting for a change. What do you think?